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  • 大魚吃小魚






  • Crazy Fruit Cannon

    Crazy Fruit Cannon




    This is a relaxed casual puzzle makes a small game. Brightly colored country-style garden game interface, you need players to control the barrel of the position of the fingers, in order to release the lovely fruit shells fired at targets in the keg before clearance. In this process requires...

  • Ocean Jewell

    Ocean Jewell




    Endless sea waiting for you to explore, exquisite marine life waiting for your rescue. Come and see who is the ocean even sprouting along with everyone to get the highest score. Just gently connections can bring endless fun. . .

  • 题酷高考必备





    题酷(Ticool)是高考版一款专门为中学生打造的学习工具和学习资源的集合体,内置五十多万道经典题目,题目都经过了中高级教师的精挑细选,保证题目的权威和准确。 本软件主要分为以下几个版块: (1)专题突破专题划分科学合理,让你有针对性地查漏补缺,真正做到有的放矢,从而提高学习效率; (2)历年真题几百套中高考真题,让你在做题中巩固知识,并发现其中的规律; (3)名校试卷用户可以在第一时间内得到一手的中高考信息及全国各大名校的月考、期中、期末试卷等; (4)错题本、好题本可以把做题过程中遇到的好题、难题、易错题收藏起来,从而建立属于自己的题库,以便随时查漏补缺。...

  • 题酷中考必备





    题酷(Ticool)中考版一款专门为中学生打造的学习工具和学习资源的集合体,内置五十多万道经典题目,题目都经过了中高级教师的精挑细选,保证题目的权威和准确。 本软件主要分为以下几个版块: (1)专题突破专题划分科学合理,让你有针对性地查漏补缺,真正做到有的放矢,从而提高学习效率; (2)历年真题几百套中高考真题,让你在做题中巩固知识,并发现其中的规律; (3)错题本、好题本可以把做题过程中遇到的好题、难题、易错题收藏起来,从而建立属于自己的题库,以便随时查漏补缺。 本软件具有以下特色: (1)资料权威...

  • Bugs war

    Bugs war




    Sunny day, the industrious bee, as always, trying to collect food. But today has a different, peaceful atmosphere of a group of intruders to break the To this end, the bees have to resist, to fight to defend their homes. In the game, you will operate a variety of bees and the enemy Battle, your...

  • Bugs Hegemony

    Bugs Hegemony




    Industrious ant hard work, but the enemy is in the growing strength of devouring other dangerous thing in the entire continent, to be queen for their homes, you have to lead your worker ants to defeat all the enemies to rule the continent.

  • Mushroom Cannon

    Mushroom Cannon




    This software is a bird similar to an angry casual puzzle games. Move your fingers to adjust artillery position, release launch lovely mushrooms, the mushrooms into the buckets, that is the boundary. Remember to adjust the angle, otherwise difficult to enter, oh. .

  • LoveTest





    This is a fun love quiz game. Will enter into you and your loved one's name, to see how much the index of your fate in the end. .

  • Fruit Cannon

    Fruit Cannon




    This is a casual puzzle fruit cannon, the game will be difficult as the level increases with the increase. In the game, you just launched into all kinds of lovely fruit kegs, namely clearance. What are you waiting for, to act now. .

  • Angry fruit

    Angry fruit




    This software is a casual puzzle game birds of a similar anger. Finger movement to adjust a good artillery position, release the launch lovely fruit, the fruit into the keg, namely clearance. Remember to adjust the angle, it would be difficult to enter, oh. .

  • Fruit Lianliankan

    Fruit Lianliankan




    Cartoon version of the lovely fruit Lianliankan, smooth operation. Click on two fingers the same pattern can be connected to their elimination, the elimination of all box to pass. The so-called able to connect, refers to the: Whether horizontal or vertical, from one pattern to another pattern...

  • 3D Basketball

    3D Basketball




    This game for the touch-screen games, touch screen with your finger, select the ball you want to cast, the finger moves across the screen, do you think the right position to cast the ball, the basketball into the basket plus. A ball in hand, for life to have. Friends like basketball Come and try...

  • 星座情缘






  • Space War

    Space War




    This is an aerial combat shooting, the screen on the left and down left and right buttons, the user clicks, you can move your fighter right there, firing button, in the battle, there are a variety of incentives arise, users eat, and some increase the number of lives, but some bullets fired...

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