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  • Ma boussole

    Ma boussole




    Application compacte, simple et utile ! Démarre rapidement et vous indique les points cardinaux en un coup d'oeil !

  • My FlashLight

    My FlashLight




    For everyone who's sick and tired of these flashlights with TONS of options, here's a simple one. One button, ON, OFF, and that's it ! Keywords : light,torch,flashlight,led

  • Eggcellent - Easy egg cooking

    Eggcellent - Easy egg cooking




    Ah, eggs... So simple to do, and yet, who can say that he/she knows all the kind of recipes ? With Eggcellent, you don't have to worry about it anymore ! Choose the desired doneness (boiled, poached ...) and voila ! You just have to follow the steps and start the integrated timer ! The...

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