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Sound Radio

★Free streaming webradio application. Discover radios from all over the world, for free! Register-free 157 countries and 11255 stations! ★ Save your phone space - This is one of the lightest application: less than 6Mo! - No useless functions, tons of menu or graphisms ! - Only the necessary to enjoy listening to radio programs : select a radio, e…

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Download Night Mode Night Mode icon
Night Mode

Night Mode features: ★ Screen brightness can be set lower than the system permits! ★ ★ Disable the led blinking when a notification is received ★ ★ Put the phone on silence/vibrate mode ★ All of this can be scheduled to ★ automatically ★ start and stop. You can now use your phone/tablet in the bed, while your partner is asleep. Help : If you…

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Download My FlashLight My FlashLight icon
My FlashLight

For everyone who's sick and tired of these flashlights with TONS of options, here's a simple one. One button, ON, OFF, and that's it ! *** WARNING *** A lot of flashlight apps on the Play Store ask for extented rights, who can lead to inappropriate usage from the publisher of these apps. We, at LK Studios, only ask for the strict nece…

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Download My Compass My Compass icon
My Compass

Compact application, simple and useful! Starts quickly and shows you the cardinal points at a glance! My Compass helps you , like any good classic compass to find your direction. You can use it for all your outdoor activities , you will always keep on course. + Quick Starts + Support High Definition Display + Supports magnetic north + Most beaut…

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Download Kid toothbrush timer Kid toothbrush timer icon
Kid toothbrush timer

The child chooses his character by swiping from left to right, then after setting the timer, he starts the music, watch the animation and of course ... brush his teeth! Your kids will love it. Motivation guarantee for brushing:-) free

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Download My TV Shows My TV Shows icon
My TV Shows

►►► This application does not let you watch the series ! ◄◄◄ ►►► This is NOT a stream application !!! ◄◄◄   My TV Shows with the application, the entire planning distribution of your series is available on your phone and / or tablet ! Add your series, check the release date of the upcoming episodes, mark episodes as seen ...   My TV Shows remember…

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Download Alarm clock: Sunset simulator Alarm clock: Sunset simulator icon
Alarm clock: Sunset simulator

Sunset simulator alarm clock No more alarms and music that wake up so badly. Make the choice of a gentle awakening with the sunset simulator. The principle is simple: the smartphone screen or tablet lights on gradually to its maximum brightness, to mimic the sun. ★The body appreciates its natural rhythm.★ The timer of the simulator is configur…

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Download Battery Expert Battery Expert icon
Battery Expert

Battery Expert is an energy saver that can extend your battery life up to 50% by finding applications and high energy settings on your device.   Save your energy ! Find out what your empty battery. Adjust your power settings (p. Ex. Brightness) disable unnecessary applications that drain your battery.   Estimate accurately the remaining battery tim…

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Download All-in-one timer All-in-one timer icon
All-in-one timer

New generation multi-purpose timer ★ Create groups to classify timers and find them easily. ★ In each group, create as many timers as you want. ★ For each timer, choose to be notified by vibrating and / or a ringtone. ★ For each started timer, a notification is created with the remaining time. ★ Option 'keep screen on' while the time…

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