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  • Keep Up Lite

    Keep Up Lite


    The free version of the hit app Keep Up. Play though tough levels of different physics using motion controls or play the endless mode to get the highscore.

  • Keep Up

    Keep Up


    Keep Up is a fun motion interactive game. Work through levels to beat the game or play the endless mode and see how high your score can get. A fun and quick take on use of the motion controls found in android phones.

  • Drop 3D

    Drop 3D


    A fun Drop game where players use tilt controls to control a ball to get to an objective.

  • CoD Memory Match

    CoD Memory Match




    A Call of Duty Themed Memory Match Game.

  • Alien





    A fun Alien app for you to show your galaxy of friends.

  • CoD Mine Sweeper

    CoD Mine Sweeper




    The classic minesweeper game with a Call of Duty Black Ops style.

  • Hello Android

    Hello Android




    Hello World, for the android phone.

  • Auto Text Reply

    Auto Text Reply




    An automated reply system for text messages while on the road, in a movie, or an important meeting.

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