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Penang Food

Penang is best known for her heavenly, delicious hawker food. It is called hawker food because it was traditionally hawked by peddlers who carried them around in baskets or not push-carts. There are so many varieties of street food from kuih (cakes) to noodles to our staple food - rice. Being a city with such diverse cultures, each ethic community…

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Malaysia Mobile Coupon

Imagine if you had an app that gave you the biggest shopping sales and deal around your local town areas at your finger tips! Not only that, but this app let's you know of the latest shopping promotion that will help you save tons of money via mobile coupon. This app is build by a group of shopping and tech savvy fanatics, so you'll alway…

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Visit Penang

Penang is one of the famous islands in South-East Asia rich with culture, amazing food and wonderful heritage. Ever wonder when you visit Penang, did you know where to get best Penang hotels deal, marvelous Penang tourist attractions, out of the world’s restaurant in Penang, UNESCO World Heritage Penang site, and many more at your fingertips? Vis…

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Penang Property

Imagine if you had an app that gave you the best deal and fastest Penang property at your finger tips! Not only that, but this app let's you know of the latest news about Penang properties such as house for sale in Penang, Penang apartment, property auction, house for rent in Penang and many more that used to be only available to property guru…

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Stop Lynas 2

Stop Lynas is NGO being setup to stop LAMP (Lynas Advanced Materials Plant) in Gebeng, Kuantan, Malaysia to extract and purify the REE (Rare Earth Elements) from the concentrated, and yields the final products for export to Japan, Europe and America. What left behind in Kuantan is the copious amount of radioactive waste.

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Historical Malacca

Malacca (Melaka in Bahasa Malaysia) is a city with a glorious past hidden behind each facade of the centuries-old buildings. To visit Melaka will truly offer a truly memorable experience to both domestic and international tourists, and this goes well with the Melaka State Government's slogan ""Visit Historic Melaka means Visit Malaysi…

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Queensbay Mall

Did you ever missed Penang's largest, longest and most modern shopping deal? Having hard time to follow up and keep updating your calender manually for the next coming special shopping deal? How wonderful it would be to know when, where, which stores and what deal without daunting follow up! Well, you can now! With Queensbay Mall android smar…

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1st Avenue Penang

Are you still waiting the flyer to arrive your mail box and only get to know what deal is on in 1st Avenue Mall Penang? Would it be best to know on when, what, where and which items is on sales at 1st Avenue Mall - Best Pearl Of Orient Scenery Shopping Heaven? Yes! You can now. With this app, you will get to know when is the best time to shop, whi…

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