• An2An Remote (Demo)




    Use your Android device to remote control another Android/PC device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network.You can use your Android phone as a wireless keyboard/mouse/touchscreen, or redirect physical keyboard/mouse/controller to target device. Paid user can email android.locnet@gmail.com to obtain a...

  • GameKeyboard +




    Brand new version of GameKeyboard. This version supports new "Standalone" mode on rooted devices, which skips the need of switching soft keyboard. Users with an unrooted device can still use the original "Soft Keyboard" mode. Remind that some of the features are root-only,...

  • GKM Touch




    For users looking for simply and easy to use touchscreen mapping tools to play Touchscreen games and other purpose, work with Gamepad, Keyboard and Mouse. FPS style games (such as MC4, Dead Trigger, ShadowGun, GTA, Minecraft) get much better camera control by playing with mouse, provides true PC...

  • Mobile Controller Helper




    THIS APP REQUIRES ROOT!! (Former known as MC4 Helper) This app let several compatible games to recognise regular controller as a supported controller and enable special features (e.g. enable Modern Combat 4 to control camea view with right analog stick natively). Work with real controller (e.g....

  • Sixaxis Enabler




    NO ROOT, NO PAIRING. Enable supported devices to use wired PS3 DualShock 3/Sixaxis Controller natively. All you need is an Android device with USB-Host support, and connection cable (USB-OTG cable is needed for device with no built-in USB Host port). You can avoid the need of rooting, and skip...

  • Flit Keyboard




    Light weight soft keyboard to improve typing accuracy without rely on auto correction. Users can type properly even on devices as small as SmartWatch. ===Description=== Using 4 to 8 big buttons with tap & slide typing approach, even big fingers can type on small device properly. And users...

  • An2An Mouse




    Add mouse support to An2An Remote, to redirect mouse actions from one device to another device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network. Support physical mouse and using touchsceen as trackpad. This is not a standalone app and there is no separated icon after installed. Recommend to check compatibility...

  • AnUAE4All




    An UAE4All port for Android. UAE4All is an Amiga 500 emulator originally from Chui mainly for playing old Amiga games. Like the original UAE4All, some games are rather tricky to make it work, so basically only suitable to experienced UAE4All user. IMPORTANT: Requires Amiga Forever Essentials for...

  • Flit Extra layout




    Extra keyboard layout plug-in for Flit Keyboard. Require Flit Keyboard version 2.5 or above. Select 2nd keyboard from Flit Keyboard settings after install. This plugin enable user to input keys normally missing from other software and hardware keyboard. It can work with any application following...

  • An2An Touch




    Add touchscreen support to An2An Remote, to redirect touch actions from one device to another device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network. Support most touch actions likes multi-touch, swipe and pinch, provides screenshot as touch action reference, and work with receiver devices which have no...

  • An2An Keyboard




    Add keyboard support to An2An Remote, to redirect keypress from one device to another device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network WITHOUT root, allow using an Android device as keyboard of another device. Support physical keyboard/digital gamepad and soft keyboard. This is not a standalone app and...

  • An2An Joystick




    Add joystick support to An2An Remote, to redirect analog joystick actions from one Android device to another Android device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network. Turn your wired joystick into an wireless joystick. Support connected physical joystick and virtual joystick (e.g. GameKeyboard Joystick...

  • CheatCode Keyboard




    This app let users enter cheat code to compatible games (e.g GTA 3 and GTA Vice City) without using a physical keyboard. For any problem please contact developer at android.locnet@gmail.com Features: 1. Select code from customizable Cheat Code Menu to enter cheat code quickly 2. Come with...

  • AnDOSBox




    A DOSBox port for Android. DOSBox is a x86 emulator developed by DOSBox Team for playing old PC games. ** First practical DOS emulator for Android ** ** Apps of the Week, ZDNet, Sept 2011 ** IMPORTANT: Like other emulators this software requires sdcard access and lots of resources to run...

  • AnVICEx64




    AnVICE is a VICE x64 port for Android. VICE is an emulator from VICE Team which emulates lots of Commodore computers. This port included the x64 portion which emulate a Commodore 64 (C64). IMPORTANT: Require your C64 ROM and Disk/Tape image to work, and make sure your sdcard can be accessed...

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