LOL Apps

  • Fingerprint Lock Screen




    You can use this Fingerprint lock screen to unlock your Android phone. This is a real Lock screen App which shows up when you press your sleep/wake (power) button. all you have to do is put your finger on the scanner and unlock the phone. You can use Fingerprint lock screen as your default...

  • Palm Reader/Scanner HD




    Scan your palm and find the future. Would you like to know about your future? Now it’s not difficult. Open this app and take a photo of your palm. Then it will scan it and will tell you about your future. You can find out about: * Life * Love * Sex * Fate * Fortune * Money * Marriage * Health...

  • Whip Sounds - Big Bang Theory




    This is the best whip App for Android. As you seen on the “Big bang theory” TV show, this turns your Android phone into a whip. Shake the phone or tap the whip to get whip sounds. This is similar to the app that Sheldon used in the Big bang theory. We have also included the sounds of Indiana...

  • Logo Quiz Advanced Level




    ***If you enjoyed the Logo Quiz app, here is some more advance quiz for you*** Logo Quiz Game is a funny and very addictive puzzle game. Guess the logos of different brands (companies, products, etc.) and get points for the correct answers. Compare your answers with your friends. Challenge them...

  • Scare Your Friends - Prank!




    Scare your friends is a funny prank app which can really scare your friends. this is how it works. it shows a 'find the difference' picture puzzle. ask your friend to find differences in the pictures. when he/she carefully check the images it will suddenly pops up a scary face with...

  • Love Quotes and Love Poems




    Hundreds of Love quotes and love poems. this is the best love quotes and love poems app for Android. Read all about love, one of the most powerful emotions. Use this app to create affection and build the bonds with your loved ones. Build your relationship, spark the romance! Find and share the...

  • Quick Uninstaller




    Quick uninstaller helps you to uninstall your apps easily. Unlike the built in uninstaller, Quick uninstaller allows you to uninstall multiple apps together. Remove all the unwanted apps with one tap and make your phone fast. Without going through the menus, quick uninstaller makes the...

  • Relaxing sounds to sleep




    Would you like to have a nice and relax sleep? well then this is the best app for you. this app can play relaxing sounds to improve your brain work so that you can have a better sleep. Relaxing sounds to sleep app has many sounds like rain sounds, forest sounds and ambient sounds. these sounds...

  • The Dumb Test (Moron test)




    Are you a complete moron? Free download The Dumb Test now and find out! Prove you're a genius with The Dumb Test, mobile's leading brain-teaser! You can call this as a stupid test or a moron test. When you play the dumb test, you'll be answering crazy questions; careful, many are...

  • Girls Guys and Eyes




    Girls Boys and Eyes is a very funny and addictive game that will allow you to measure your abilities in recognizing girls and boys by looking at their eyes. Are you pretty sure that you know the difference between girls and boys eyes?? Let’s see. The game is simple. You will be shown a cropped...

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