LoopyApe Games

  • Invade Pirates




    Defend your planet agains the space pirates invasion! Join the battle and enjoy an extremely old-school shoot'em up full of 8-bit art, sound effects and music.

  • Spell Cracking




    How powerful is your memory? Find out with this puzzle! You have a few seconds to memorize the spell sequence, then you must reproduce it accurately. Choose from three difficulty levels to crack your brain!

  • Squared Puzzle




    If you like jigsaws, this game is for you! Swap the squares until you assemble the picture. Choose from three difficulty levels: easy (piece of cake), normal (spend some time) and hard (brain melting). This is my February entry for OneGameAMonth.

  • Station Siege


    Protect the stations from enemy waves! Improve your stations over time to make them even better against the enemy threat.

  • Blacksmith Dash




    It's a busy day at this blacksmith shop! Guide the customers to the right place in the store. Pay attention to the orders and don't lose focus! This game is my January entry for OneGameAMonth.com

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