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****NEW APP, SAME WFPK**** The WFPK Independent Louisville app is newer and better than ever! This update includes a major overhaul of designs and features, including: - One navigation menu to access every app screen - Take all your WFPK favorites to any device when you create an account via Twitter or Facebook - A vast library…

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Louisville Public Media

***Louisville Public Media (LPM)*** Now you can stream any of Louisville Public Media’s radio stations through your smartphone! A little bit about Louisville Public Media (LouisvillePublicMedia.org): Louisville Public Media makes Louisville a better place to live by educating, connecting, engaging, entertaining and informing the community. We o…

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Quick Takes

Get ready for your documentary filmmaking debut! The app for employees is an easy way to capture and share stories about the ways our values are thriving. The app lets you shoot, edit, and upload a 60-second video in a flash. • Share stories about our company values • Record yourself or a co-worker telling a story • Profile co-workers you think a…

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Interapt Roof Gauge (Free)

Introducing the Roof Gauge app, part of our suite of Interapt Tools apps. With Roof Gauge, you can do more than just determine the slope of a structure's roof using your smartphone. Using smartphone camera integration, users can snap a photo with the roof gauge laid over the image for an even more accurate record of its slope. This is useful…

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Interapt Mobile Features Demo

Let Interapt show you what we can do with our new demo app! With Interapt Mobile Features Demo, you can view the wide range of possibilities Interapt can provide when designing your application. We want to make your experience as easy and customizable as possible and with this new app, you can show us exactly what you’d like your app to look like…

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The Official Leeann Tweeden App! Leeann is excited to stay connected with you! She’s also using this app to connect you to the causes she supports most in her life. A portion of proceeds from downloads go directly to Heroes and Patriots, a non-profit that supports military families in need. In addition, this app allows you to read about Leeann’…

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Interapt Ruler (Free)

Introducing the Ruler app, part of our suite of Interapt Tools Apps. With Ruler, you can do more than just measure objects using your smartphone. Using smartphone camera integration, users can pinch to expand the ruler overlay on the screen to adjust for scale, allowing for unprecedented accuracy when taking photos with your smartphone for proper…

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The Greater Louisville Medical Society presents its new GLMS app! The GLMS app will be your mobile one-stop shop for all things GLMS. With this app GLMS members: - View GLMS Events and add them to your Calendar - View the latest GLMS alerts, headlines and stories - Read GLMS Publications, including the President’s E-Voice - View the GLMS Photo s…

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Interapt Unit Converter (Free)

Introducing the Unit Converter app, part of our suite of Interapt Tools apps. With Unit Converter, you'll never again have to guess how many feet are in a meter (hint: 3.28084 ft), or whether you should dress for warm weather when the temperature outside is 40 degrees Celsius (hint: you should). In fact, the Unit Converter can be used for all…

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Interapt Compass (Free)

Introducing the Compass app, part of our suite of Interapt Tools apps. With Compass, you can do more than just determine which direction your smartphone is facing. Using smartphone camera integration, the app displays your camera image behind the compass, allowing you to snap a photo and remember cardinal directions relative to your position and…

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