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  • KitKat Launcher Free

    KitKat Launcher Free




    KitKat Launcher is open source from original android source 4.4.2 KitKat Requirement: Your device is running android 4.0 + KitKat launcher feature: 1. KitKat launcher is latest version android launcher. 2. Drag drop application to home. 4. Press menu or long press home to change wallpaper,...

  • Transparent & More

    Transparent & More




    Your phone or tablet transparent with camera wallpaper New feature: 1. Change transparent wallpaper, picture wallpaper or live wallpaper 2. Change effect when user slide page 3. Turn off transparent screen to save battery 4. Long press application to uninstall mode. 5. Quick search and open...

  • Bigger Launcher

    Bigger Launcher




    Change your phone or tablet to large/big stype for old people or baby easy use. New feature in app: 1. Big icon and button, easy click and use. 2. Large text, easy to see. 3. Quick search and open application 4. Change many cute wallpaper 5. Change effect when user slide page 6. Long press...

  • Big Fonts Size

    Big Fonts Size




    Application use to change font size system - change font size anywhere, anything. Change to large for old person or myope. Change to small for new style. Change font size system can change small font, big font, normal font. Big font free app is big font for android system. New feature: 1....

  • Clean Memory

    Clean Memory




    Maybe your Android phone has become so slow. Clean Memory make to fast and smooth Feature and function on Clean memory 1. Easy to clear RAM memory with one touch. 2. Easy to uninstall application very fast. 3. Easy to clear cache file. 4. Display storage memory size chart. 5. Display RAM...

  • Fingerprint Lock Screen

    Fingerprint Lock Screen




    Fingerprint Lock Screen for android same Iphone 5s, Samsung galaxy S5 Fingerprint Lock Screen: Scanning your fingerprint to unlock phone or tablet. Support audio scanning fingerprint. 1. Open application and give your friend 2. Hold fingerprint 2s to unlock 3. Application is show message...

  • IOS Transparent

    IOS Transparent




    IOS Transpanrent make your phone or tablet like IOS and transpanrent by camera. You can see anything behind your phone or tablet. Transpanrent Launcher Feature: 1. Transparent screen, transparent wallpaper, transparent background when show all application 2. Show application and search...

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