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@ddy Picker Free

“@ddy Picker”can easily input two or more e-mail addresses, and transmit them all at once by groups registration. The main functions ・To display all the E-mail addresses of a telephone directory ・To create groups ・To import telephone directory groups ・“SP mode” correspondence ・Cooperation function of other applications ・Share and cooperat…

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Launch the app for the mushroom notification bar, came back and copy the text to the clipboard. "Simeji" non-IME enabled applications can be started from any mushrooms.

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1Tap Task Killer

You can exit the application running in the most simple procedure. This application is tool to kill applications runnning by 1Tap. Features ・1Tap Widget ・1Tap Notification KW:taskiller taskkiller taskmanager manager panel taskpanel #2.0 Add widget color. #1.9 Add widget color option. #1.8 Add Auto Start.

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Download FirstToy FirstToy icon

I made application to be a toy for children 1 year old soon. Paint tool. Will ring. Trembles. That's it.

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Download SimpleMortgageCalculator SimpleMortgageCalculator icon

Simple Mortgage Calculator for the annuity. Moratage Amount, Monthly Payments, Bonus Payments, you can calculate each other. This application calculates the value of the degree please reference purposes only.

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This application will play a sound like a heartbeat. After a specified time and quit playing. Baby and listen to the heart is at ease, you may stop crying. ※ There are individual differences in the effect. ※ The daughter had little effect.

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Download GPS Assist GPS Assist icon
GPS Assist

This application will settle a service to keep GPS on for a period of time, So if any application like Twitter/forsquare/photo with Geo-tag or any other app that require GPS, they don't have to fix GPS signal all over again, It will keep a notification to let you toggle on the service.

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Download Voice2Text Voice2Text icon

"VoiceToText" When you start to start the voice recognition application. Speech to be recognized and forwards the application acceptable text. You can also copy text to the clipboard was recognized. #2.3 Add Confirmation dialog option.

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Download Camemo Camemo icon

"Camemo" is a simple tool image notes. The images captured with the camera, save the title and put a note. Features - Show thumbnails - By Month Thumbnail View - Favorites Register - Take notes shortcut function - Ability to create shared notes from the gallery - Ability to create shared notes from the text #1.2 Bugfix.

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Download Photopost Beta Photopost Beta icon
Photopost Beta

This is an application to send multiple photos to friends and family. ■ Send photos function Select multiple photos at once, and then uploaded to the server. Uploaded images are stored on the server for 7 days By teaching in e-mail friends and family and twitter the URL of the uploaded photo, a photo pass. Also, upload photos and can set the…

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Download BookManager BookManager icon

"BookManager" is a book management application. Features ・Register by bar code reader. ・Register by continuous scanning function. ・Register by ISBN import. ・Various list formats. ・Various search methods. ・Various sort. ・Support multiple author. ・Support multiple labels. ・Import/Export. ※Need Barcode Scanner

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The hour every hour and notify you by vibrating. Notice the time to Japanese voice.

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