Luis Fernando de Mingo Lopez

  • OsO Game




    Spanish OSO Game. One player places O Other player places S You have to obtain the word OSO horizontal, vertical and diagonals. Multiplayer option. INTERNET REQUIRED.

  • WordPass (with VOICE)




    WordPass game with voice recognition: - Text to speech - voice recognition - spanish and english (beta) dictionaries. IN ORDER TO PASS A DEFINITION say "PASS" (If using the english dictionary) or "PASAPALABRA" (if using the spanish dic) Internet connection is required. Text...

  • Tomcat Manager [DONATE]


    This project is an app to manager tomcat server. a) At the moment just show web apps on a tomcat server specifying IP:PORT Future features: - Deploy war - Undeploy app - Restar app - Start/Stop Tomcat over SSH - Store server information in a DB inside the mobile app.

  • Kids Lock


    If you want that your children play with your mobile phone at no risk for your economy, this is your application. You could lock outgoing calls, incoming calls and data connectivity. Such way your children could play with your phone with no risks. UNLOCK CODE: 1234 New future versions will...

  • Check WA




    Check if a phone number has WhatsApp

  • Caller Address




    This app intercepts incoming calls and display a notification with the address where the calling mobile phone is. It is required internet connection and that the phone calling you has this app installed or the Location Mobile Phone app installed...

  • Audit Android


    This app audits your internal android applications: - You can send a SMS without any trace in android system, you can overpass all spy software to send a SMS - Watch which applications are running - Watch which services are running - Watch interceptor in your system - Scan your whole phone to...

  • Mobile Phone Localization




    Where is a phone number???? Get the address of the mobile phone number, provided it has the app installed.

  • Scores




    Menu item to update scores in real-time. Check football scores from: - Primera division - Segunda división - Premier league - Calcio - Bundesliga - Champions - Europa League

  • Record Phone Calls




    Record phone call on SD card. It is possible to send such file to email, mms, whatsapp, etc...

  • Live Football


    Live results from different football championship around the world. If you are interested in some specific country, please leave a comment with the country name, country league and one match (I will try to add as soon as possible). Resultados en directo de diferentes ligas. Si estas interesado...

  • Boy or Girl




    Planning to get Pregnant? Do you want to know if the baby is a boy or a girl? With the Boy or Girl, you can with over 99% accuracy determine the gender of your baby. Application base calculation on Ancient MAYA Gender Boards (99%).

  • Locations


    Track your location in one screen: - where is your car park - where is the hotel - where is the restaurant You can set your current location.

  • Makkah


    Where is the Makkah (Qabba)???? Two compass are display: - the magnetic north - the qabba location Together with the address of current location and distance to makkah. NoADS. Please support development with 1,50 Euros

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