Luis Ferreira

  • Bluetooth Terminal 2

    Bluetooth Terminal 2




    BLUETOOTH TERMINAL 2 is an application to connect to Bluetooth spp modules .It can send and receive commands so you can debug your hardware problems easly..

  • Inventory 2

    Inventory 2


    Simple inventory application .A lot of features to make it easier to manage and find references. This is your inventory application !Now if you bought this application I can offer you the application to control your home made inventory system ,watch the video here...

  • Tap Fast 2

    Tap Fast 2


    Are you fast.Prove it .The main goal is to tap as fast as you can on the different icon .More then 100 levels of pure fun .Try it!

  • 2do





    Take notes,edit text files ,create todo lists,easily.Begin typing the name of the file that you have created with the application and it gives you suggestions about the file name ,click on suggestions to open file.List all files on internal application folder.

  • Bluetooth Relay Control

    Bluetooth Relay Control


    This application allows users to control electric devices with the built in buttons or with command line .It uses a bluetooth to communicate with a bluetooth spp module .Can be used with almost any kind of micro controller connected to the bluetooth spp including arduino.You could also buy the...

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