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    Talon for Twitter

    Created with Material Design at its core, Talon for Twitter includes stunning layouts, eye catching animations, and that buttery smoothness you should expect from the latest and greatest apps. On top of that, Talon takes the ads out of Twitter so that you can focus on the content! Talon gives you everything you could ever need to experience Twitte…

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    Download Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) icon
    Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web)

    You won't find any rivals on Android, for this next generation text messenger. Pulse SMS is fast, secure, beautiful, and packed with all the features and customization you could want! Pulse re-imagines the way you socialize by making SMS and MMS available - seamlessly - across all your devices. Start by creating an account on your phone, and y…

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    Sliding Messaging Pro

    Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android design guidelines and visually based on the stock messaging app from Google, with added features. Features: - Easily switch between conversations by dragging out the sliding menu on the left side of the screen. - Start a new conversation by sliding out the menu…

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    Download Talon (Blur Launcher Page) Talon (Blur Launcher Page) icon
    Talon (Blur Launcher Page)

    If you are looking for "Talon for Twitter", the full client, please read this post for more information on its current situation: https://plus.google.com/117432358268488452276/posts/KG4AcH3YA2U This app will not do you any good on its own. It IS NOT "Talon for Twitter". This app is an extension to allow you to use Talon as a Pa…

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    Download Sliding Emoji Keyboard Unlock Sliding Emoji Keyboard Unlock icon
    Sliding Emoji Keyboard Unlock

    This is the unlocker for Sliding Emoji Keyboard and not a standalone app! You must also have Sliding Emoji Keyboard installed for this to work. PLEASE READ: --- If you don't read it, it will be very obvious to us and we WILL NOT be willing to help you. You have been warned. --- This is a standalone keyboard that we have created with our ap…

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    Download Blur - Unread (Experimental) Blur - Unread (Experimental) icon
    Blur - Unread (Experimental)

    This app will do you no good on its own. It is to be used alongside "Blur - A Launcher Replacement" to store and manage the unread counts for the app. ** Using the unread counts (Requires Android 4.3+): ** They are currently housed under the "Experimental Settings" section of the app because they are very new. You can get to th…

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