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Download Magic Photo Kaleidoscope LWP Magic Photo Kaleidoscope LWP icon
Magic Photo Kaleidoscope LWP

Kaleido-Magic Kaleidoscope is perhaps the most magical live wallpaper in the world! Watch the animated kaleidoscope effect that turns an ordinary photo into magic. On Android version 2.3 and above you can also double-tap the wallpaper to stop animation and manually move the kaleidoscope. Double-tap again to re-start the animation. In this demo ver…

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Download Astro Tennis - Ping Pong Astro Tennis - Ping Pong icon
Astro Tennis - Ping Pong

A space tennis - ping pong style game, spiced up with 0 - 10 asteroids and up to ten balls. This is either one or two player game. Works on Android Tablets and small phones too. The two player mode is especially cool on tablets like Samsung Galaxy Pad or similar. Some devices do not support multitouch screen hence two player mode will not show on…

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Download Swift French Audio Phrasebook Swift French Audio Phrasebook icon
Swift French Audio Phrasebook

A French phrasebook with over five hundred phrases and their audio pronunciations, and with an exceptionally quick and easy interface. It has cue cards with random order which changes every time it is used, making it more interesting. One can practice in both directions English to French or vice-versa, though only the French phrases have audio. T…

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Download Happy Brain Free - Memory Game Happy Brain Free - Memory Game icon
Happy Brain Free - Memory Game

An easy playing match pairs memory puzzle game. There are three image set in this demo version with thirty-three image sets in the full version. In this demo version you can customise the game by setting your own background and tile patterns, while in the full version one can easily create a new set using the camera or photo gallery. The image s…

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Download KaleidoMagic Draw Art & Design KaleidoMagic Draw Art & Design icon
KaleidoMagic Draw Art & Design

Create wonderful art, cartoons, comics, kaleidoscopic drawings and photography collage with this creative draw & paint app. With this graphics package one can: - create works of art that combine free drawing and photos - easily make Facebook poster with text and images - produce electronic cards - make slides for PowerPoint presentation - cre…

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Download Reflectivity - Collect Jewels Reflectivity - Collect Jewels icon
Reflectivity - Collect Jewels

This is a logical puzzle which comes with a user friendly levels maker. It requires quick thinking and reflexes... Drive the ball to collect all jewels which sometimes may be hidden under other objects. Watch not to touch the walls!

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Download Happy Brain - Match Pairs Game Happy Brain - Match Pairs Game icon
Happy Brain - Match Pairs Game

A Memory Puzzle Game that carefully matches pairs of images with over a thousand selected pictures. "this is a great app and its much nicer than similiar apps out there" - user There are thirty-three image sets. You can easily create your own set using your camera or photo gallery. You can also customise the game by setting your own…

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Download Cute Asteroids Space Wallpaper Cute Asteroids Space Wallpaper icon
Cute Asteroids Space Wallpaper

Five space scenes of very pretty artistic or astronomical images with moving stars and asteroids. Small planets move when scrolling. It shows time & date too. This live wallpaper is HD optimized - it has high resolution images. In settings you can control the number of stars, asteroids and ships or set them to zero to get a quiet but inspiring…

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