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Fraction Calculator Free

Fraction Calculator Free adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides any two fractions.

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Time Dilation Calculator

A must have app for the interstellar traveller. Find out if you will be taking care of your elderly grandchildren after your trip to Aldebaran. Comes equipped with distances to fifty stars and twenty galaxies. Science Fiction writers might find it useful for getting the science accurate too.

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Download Fraction Calculator Fraction Calculator icon
Fraction Calculator

Fraction Calculator adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides fractions. Very handy for scaling recipes, or checking your middle schoolers homework. v2.1 shows equation with results, adds exponent calculation, and allows you to save all or part of and equation in memory.

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Insulin Calculator

Insulin Calculator calculates insulin doses by entering blood glucose and carbohydrate values.

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Diabetes Log

People living with diabetes know accurate data helps maintain better control. Diabetes Log keeps track of Blood Glucose, Carbohydrates, Insulin and Ketones. You can send .csv data to your computer via email. Manage your diabetes on the go discretely. v 1.3 changed log view order to newest on top, added time_frame option.

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Pocket Interpreter

Pocket Interpreter allows you to speak a phrase in English, translate it into either French, German, Italian or Spanish, and have your phone speak the translated phrase. May require download of additional voice synth files, the app will detect if they are installed.

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Trig Calculator

Trig Calculator calculates 12 functions for the value you enter in. It also calculates logarithms in base 2, 10 and e.

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Med Reminder

Med Reminder alerts you when it's time to take your medication.

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Weather Calculator

Weather Calculator lets you calculate wind chill, heat index and lightning distance.

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Base Converter

Base Converter converts integers from binary, ternary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal to any radix between 2 and 36.

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