• Progressive America


    Progressive America brings together liberal minded news and opinion podcasts. Hosts like Tim Corrimal, Shane-o and Kenny Pick cover current events from a perspective not found in the corporate run mainstream media. You can send an email or voice-mail to the show to let your opinion be known too.

  • Insulin Calculator Free




    Insulin Calculator Free helps you to calculate your insulin dose based on Blood Glucose and grams of carbohydrates.

  • Insulin Calculator




    Insulin Calculator calculates insulin doses by entering blood glucose and carbohydrate values.

  • Fraction Calculator Free




    Fraction Calculator Free adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides any two fractions.

  • Fraction Calculator




    Fraction Calculator adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides fractions. Very handy for scaling recipes, or checking your middle schoolers homework. v2.1 shows equation with results, adds exponent calculation, and allows you to save all or part of and equation in memory.

  • Fuel Calculator




    Fuel Calculator lets you calculate your vehicle's mileage in Standard or metric units. It also calculates price per mile or kilometer. V 1.1 added Save Results Database.

  • Auto Assistant




    Auto Assistant handles all of your vehicle record keeping needs. It allows you to keep track of mileage, fuel, maintenance and repairs for multiple vehicles. It also includes a fuel mileage calculator. If you use your vehicle for business purposes Auto Assistant will send all of your records...

  • Remove the Numbers




    Remove the Numbers is a nice little solitaire dice game where you check off numbers equal to the total of the dice. Its easy to learn, but very difficult to get all 12 numbers off.

  • Dyeus Browser Free




    Dyeus Browser has an easy to use navagation and bookmark system in the menu.

  • Diabetes Log




    People living with diabetes know accurate data helps maintain better control. Diabetes Log keeps track of Blood Glucose, Carbohydrates, Insulin and Ketones. You can send .csv data to your computer via email. Manage your diabetes on the go discretely. v 1.3 changed log view order to newest on...

  • Ancient Numerals




    Ancient Numerals converts numbers into Roman, Egyptian, Mayan and Babylonian numerals. v 1.2 Added Greek numerals.

  • Trig Calculator




    Trig Calculator calculates 12 functions for the value you enter in. It also calculates logarithms in base 2, 10 and e.

  • Geometry Calculator




    Geometry Calculator calculates the area and perimeter of various 2D objects as well as the surface area and volume of 3D objects.

  • Show Your Work Calculator




    Show Your Work Calculator doesn't just add, subtract, multiply and divide. It shows how it got there. This can be a great homework aid. Especially for parents wanting to check their child's work without taking all the time to figure out the problems themselves.

  • Ohms Law Calculator


    Calculate values for power, voltage, current and resistance.

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