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  • Kid Math Pro

    Kid Math Pro




    Free version: The idea is based on TuxMath - a very popular educational maths software. This is a fun way for kids to learn numbers and build basic math skills while still having a blast. Try to destroy the rain of numbers. Any correct answer will destroy the relevant...

  • Creative Kids

    Creative Kids




    Kid Creation is an educational and entertaining kids game. It helps kids to create their own scene from available objects. With parents assistance it can also develop imagination skills through the creation of a story. Imagine your story as cute as possible, then share with your friend!...

  • Kids Puzzle World

    Kids Puzzle World




    Free version: Kids Puzzle World is an educational and entertaining game for preschoolers with beautiful graphics. Teaching fine motor skills to little ones just got easier with the Kid Puzzle World. Colorful fun puzzles pieces are easily snapped together to form cute animals,...

  • Magic Paint

    Magic Paint


    Free version: Magic Paint is an educational painting tool for young children. By starting with an outline image, and as the kids swipe their finger over the screen, the pre-colored image will appear, making it seem to them as though they are doing the coloring!

  • Kids Memory

    Kids Memory


    Free version: Kids Memory is the classic kid's board game, a memory game to improve memory skills for kids. This is an educational, engaging and entertaining game for children of all ages. Rule is simple: making the same couple of image to get point. To achieve the...

  • Paint the Alphabet for Kids

    Paint the Alphabet for Kids


    Paint the Alphabet for Kids is a painting tool for young children, with an educational twist allowing them to learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun way. By starting with an outline image, and as the kids swipe their finger over the screen, the pre-colored image will appear, making it seem to...

  • Kid Coloring, Painting (no ads

    Kid Coloring, Painting (no ads




    - 2 modes: Real finger painting and the-machine-fills when touching - 80+ cute images to coloring - a white background for your kids to free drawing - Run on both phone and tablet - Share your photo when done Simple color picker is used by default, go to reference to make advanced picker to...

  • Math VS Mummies

    Math VS Mummies




    Defend yourself against mummies by using Math as your weapon! Math VS Mummies is an extreme fun and addictive game for your kids to learn and practice Math. Features: - extreme fun and addictive - support addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems - shop to buy more powerful guns

  • Cosmos vs Invaders

    Cosmos vs Invaders




    Free version: Be ready for thousands of aliens coming, stay cool and shoot them up! The aliens have invaded the Earth again while you – the most skilled pilot of the universal – were out … on vacation in a far away galaxy. The invasion never ends until they destroy all...

  • Twins Link ( Kyodai Game )

    Twins Link ( Kyodai Game )


    Free version: Twins Link is a puzzle game challenges your perspicacity and agility! Pair up 2 same cards which can be connected by a line folded no more than 2 times. Clear all table to reach next level. The faster you are, the higher your score you have! How to play: -...

  • Kids Jigsaw

    Kids Jigsaw




    Free version: Kids Jigsaw is a fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. It improves cognitive skills, stimulate memory, logical thinking, develop social skills. Features: - 19 beautiful jigsaw puzzles to play and will be added more. - 3 different difficultys. - You...

  • Math Runner

    Math Runner


    With this game, your kids will enjoy a runner game (like Temple Run !) and practice math at the same time. Look at the question, then catch the correct answers on screen by jumping or sliding. - Enjoyable game and practice math at the same time - 20 levels for each operator - Hint mode Free...

  • Math Training For Kids

    Math Training For Kids




    Math Training for Kids is a fun way for your kids to practice their basic arithmetic. Choose from three difficulty levels, and the four signs of math: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The player gets five lives and a limited amount of time to answer each math question. With...

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