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Download Exchange Rate Widget Exchange Rate Widget icon
Exchange Rate Widget

This widget shows the exchange rate for a chosen currency pair. The user selects the base currency and the quotation currency from a list in the widget settings. It possible to choose from more than 150 world currencies and four precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium). The market value is automatically updated in a time interval or a…

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Download Gold Investment Gold Investment icon
Gold Investment

Current prices for precious metals, ingots and coins around the world. The 1x1 widget shows the current market prices for gold and silver. For enlargement of one chart please click on it. The available sources can be configured via the menu item Sources. List of data sources: current spot prices for gold and silver, London fixing prices for precio…

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Download Fifteen Puzzle Fifteen Puzzle icon
Fifteen Puzzle

Place the 15 numbered square tiles in the correct order by moving them using the empty space. Several stones in a row or column can be moved together. Idea / theory: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifteen_puzzle

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Download Wolf and Sheep (board game) Wolf and Sheep (board game) icon
Wolf and Sheep (board game)

Welcome to Wolf and Sheep! It is a checkers-like logic Android game for two players. One player takes one black piece (the wolf), the other player four white pieces (the sheep). The game is played on a chess board (only on the dark squares). Stones are moved diagonally to an adjacent empty field - the sheep only forward, the wolf back and forth. A…

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Download Bookfinder Bookfinder icon

Browse books collections with millions of books! With a simple or an advanced search function you will find brief descriptions and previews. For selected books also the full text is available. The offer is completed by a price comparison list with direct links to the online stores, where the desired book can be purchased as an eBook or on paper. Fi…

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Download Ataxx Ataxx icon

Ataxx is a game on a square board (7x7 fields) for two players. The gamer (white pieces) plays against the program (black pieces). At the beginning of the game each player starts with two pieces; white begins. When it is his turn, the gamer moves one of the white pieces one or two spaces vertically, horizontally or diagonally to a target field. In…

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Download Squares Squares icon

Two players take turns connecting two adjacent dots with lines on the playing field. If a player completes the frame of a 1x1 box, he earns one point and can (and should) draw another line. Once all the dots are connected, the player with the most points wins. Using the traffic light the strength level of the opponent (easy, normal or hard) can be…

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Download Tic-tac-toe 3-4-5 Tic-tac-toe 3-4-5 icon
Tic-tac-toe 3-4-5

The player (X) plays against the Android App (O). The two players place their mark alternately on a 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 squares wide playing field. Who sets the first line of his characters in a row, column or main diagonal is the winner. Skill level of your opponent (AI) can be adjusted.

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Download Graph Puzzles Graph Puzzles icon
Graph Puzzles

Graph Puzzles is a series of logical games. Graphs with a various number of nodes are used as the playing field. Chips with numbers or letters are placed at the nodes of the graphs. The number of chips is one less than the number of nodes. The player moves each time a chip to the empty space from one of the neighboring fields. The goal is to bring…

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Download Knight Raid Knight Raid icon
Knight Raid

Find a route for the chess knight to visit each of the chess board fields once. Initially the board is empty. First click on the board to put the knight on a starting field, then move it from there to the next desired field (or click on it). Try making as many moves as possible. Individual highscores are stored (storage can be reset via the menu).…

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Download Tigers in cage Tigers in cage icon
Tigers in cage

Freedom for tigers! Malicious guards hold tigers in a cage. Set tigers free and hide security guards from them in the same cage. In a square box 5x5 there are 24 1x1 bars (one place is empty). On four bars the guards are drawn, on the other four bars the tigers are drawn and on sixteen bars pieces of a lattice are drawn. In the initial position the…

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Download Best Interest Rates Best Interest Rates icon
Best Interest Rates

Best interest rates on savings accounts, fixed deposits, mortgage loans in real time! The financial comparison app lists daily conditions for interest-bearing deposits and loans, which are currently offered by banks and financial services in Europa. When comparing the quotes, the investment or loan amount, term and purpose of the loan and other lim…

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