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  • Commodity Asia




    Daily rates of futures and spot prices on the commodity exchanges and other marketplaces in Asia. Product types: Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Precious Metals, Base Metals, Steel, Agricultural, Spices. Metal and energy price charts. Data sources: BFX Bahrain Financial Exchange, BDCOMEX Bangladesh...

  • 5.5

    Currency Table (Ad-Free)




    A table which shows the exchange rates for currency pairs

  • Bookfinder




    Browse books collections with millions of books! With a simple or an advanced search function you will find brief descriptions and previews. For selected books also the full text is available. The offer is completed by a price comparison list with direct links to the online stores, where the...

  • 5.5

    Currency Table




    A table which shows the exchange rates for currency pairs

  • Filmfinder




    Browse databases with thousands of movies and TV series! With a simple or an advanced search function you will find brief descriptions, casting infos and trailer videos to the movies. The offer is completed by direct links to the online stores where the desired movie can be purchased on DVD. Find...

  • 6.0

    Gold Investment




    Check current prices for precious metals and coins in markets all around the world

  • Insurance in Germany


    Daily updated premiums and conditions for various types of insurance in Germany.

  • Tigers in cage




    Freedom for tigers! Malicious guards hold tigers in a cage. Set tigers free and hide security guards from them in the same cage. In a square box 5x5 there are 24 1x1 bars (one place is empty). On four bars the guards are drawn, on the other four bars the tigers are drawn and on sixteen bars...

  • Squares




    Two players take turns connecting two adjacent dots with lines on the playing field. If a player completes the frame of a 1x1 box, he earns one point and can (and should) draw another line. Once all the dots are connected, the player with the most points wins. Using the traffic light the strength...

  • Ataxx




    Ataxx is a game on a square board (7x7 fields) for two players. The gamer (white pieces) plays against the program (black pieces). At the beginning of the game each player starts with two pieces; white begins. When it is his turn, the gamer moves one of the white pieces one or two spaces...

  • Financial Comparison




    Actual terms of deposits and loans in real time. Comparison of current conditions of German banks for current accounts, call money and time deposit accounts, installment and car loans, mortgages, credit cards and deposits of securities.

  • Fifteen Puzzle




    Place the 15 numbered square tiles in the correct order by moving them using the empty space. Several stones in a row or column can be moved together. Idea / theory: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifteen_puzzle

  • Tic-tac-toe 3-4-5




    The player (X) plays against the Android App (O). The two players place their mark alternately on a 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 squares wide playing field. Who sets the first three of his characters in a row, column or main diagonal is the winner. Skill level of your opponent (AI) can be adjusted.

  • Knight Raid




    Find a route for the chess knight to visit each of the chess board fields once. Initially the board is empty. First click on the board to put the knight on a starting field, then move it from there to the next desired field (or click on it). Try making as many moves as possible. Individual...

  • Trihex




    The playing field encompasses nine rings located on nine lines, three on each of them. Two players take turns placing chips of their color on one of the rings. At the beginning of the game you have four white chips, your opponent has four black chips. The winner is the first person to occupy all...