• Range Calculator




    Range Calculator helps you calculate the demand load by entering the range ratings from 1 3/4 KW to 27 KW and number of ranges (Table 220.55 and Notes 1, 2 , and 3)

  • Turning Surface Roughness Calc




    Turning Surface Roughness Calculator calculates the surface roughness(an arithmetic average (Ra) or an RMS value) for a turning operation based on the tool nose radius and the cutting feed (IPR).

  • BMI & BMR Calculator




    To calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

  • Cap. - Freq. - Ind. Calculator




    Capacitance-Frequency-Inductance Calculator - Enter two known values, you can easily calculate for Capacitance, Frequency and Inductance. Handy and helpful!

  • Horsepower Calculator




    Horsepower Calculator helps you calculate an estimate of vehicle(car, truck, motorcycle) engine horsepower by entering the weight of vehicle with driver, trap speed or velocity at the end of a quarter mile run using the trap speed method or quarter mile elapsed time using the ET method.

  • Compound Interest Calculator




    Saving money for your future, for kids’ colleges… Compound Interest Calculator helps you determine how fast your current saving plan will grow in the future.

  • Ballistics Calculator




    Ballistic Calculator helps you find out the ballistic coeffient of the bullet by entering the bullet diameter, the bullets weight and selecting the bullet shape. And it also estimates the Range, remaining velocity, total drop, time of flight, remaining energy and wind drift by entering proper datas.

  • Area Calculator




    Area Calculator allows you to easily calculate the area, perimeter and diagonal of triangle, square, rectangle, circle, sector, ellipse, trapezoid/trapezium and parallelogram.

  • Electrician Toolbox 2




    Electrician Toolbox 2 include Voltage Drop Calculator, Wire Size Calculator, Conduit Fill Calculator and Range Calculator.

  • Drilling Speed and Feed Cal




    Drilling Speed and Feed Calculator calculates the spindle speed (RPM), feed rate (IPM) for a drilling operation and cut time for a given cut length by entering desired tool diameter, cutting speed, and cutting feed and cut length.

  • Lotto Number Picker




    Help you easily get your luck number and WIN!!!

  • Drilling Horsepower Calculator


    Drilling Horsepower Calculator helps you estimate the horsepower required for a drilling operation based on the feed rate, tool diameter, unit power, spindle speed and machine efficiency.

  • Calculator Toolbox




    Calculator Toolbox provides several handy calculators, including percentage calculator, square footage calculator, fraction calculator, volume calculator, standard deviation calculator, probability calculator, compound interest calculator...

  • Powers&Power Roots Calculator




    Powers & Power Roots Calculator helps you calculate the powers and power roots of any number. Simply enter a value and the pow value.

  • Chinese Zodiac




    Chinese Zodiac allows you to find out you and your friends’ Chinese Zodiac, learn the detailed information about the personality, best career, marriage compatibility for each Chinese Zodiac sig. Have Fun!

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