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Wallpaper Picker

A wallpaper picker is downloading wallpaper as a file. This app is useful only when a picture file is lost and the picture is only on the wallpaper. I developed and used this app to load wallpaper as a picture file which is somehow lost but wallpaper.

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Angle Unlock

This app disables your lock screen only when your phone is placed horizontally.(see the tutorial image) I think it is very useful when you want to lock the screen in your pocket, and easily unlock it when you pick up the phone. To say about my usage, I can use my device's default light key from the lock screen when I just make the screen on in…

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Capsule Calendar

This is a calendar application whose cells are shaped like a flexible capsule so that it can contain detail schedule data. And you can quickly see what you should do next when you open this app by shrinking the past schedule entries, changing the first day of week to make today cell central, customizing holiday settings, or changing font styles of…

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Angle Unlock Simple

** This is the simple edition of Angle Unlock. ** ** The settings are fixed with Play Angle: 45°, Unlock Timeout: 30s, Lock Timeout: 5s, Maximum Check Count: 2, so that this app can unlock more quickly with less energy by not accessing settings on every wake up.** ** If you want to customize the settings please install Angle Unlock instead. ** ** A…

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Gum Table Free

* This app is a free version with ads (I'm sorry if you are annoyed by ads). This is implemented from Capsule Calendar to show as an usual look calendar. You can install no-ad version of GumTable, or free Capsule Calendar. * This is a calendar application whose cells are shaped like a flexible gum (not so similar) so that it can contain detail…

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