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  • Fitness Calculator




    Fitness Calculator provides an assortment of easy to use utilities for helping you reach your fitness and training goals. Features: One-rep maximum calculator Calculate how many reps you can perform at a target weight Water intake calculator Macro-nutrient calculator Creatine Consumption VO2...

  • Brain Tuner




    Binaural beats work by playing tones of slightly different frequencies into each ear. To be effective, they should be used with headphones and played just above audible volume. The idea is that a beating effect will be created inside the brain due to the difference in frequencies and the brain...

  • Barbell Calculator




    This is a simple app that lets you quickly see the barbell plates required to obtain a particular weight. Touching the barbell graphic will prompt you to enter a weight, and the app will generate a depiction of half of a 45-lb Olympic Barbell with the necessary plates to reach the target.

  • Phone Silencer




    This one is pretty simple. It's an app that toggles your phone's silent mode each time it runs. It lets you silence the phone without long clicking the power button or using the unlock display. One less step. There is really no user interface because running the app does the job.

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