• Logic Pro X Score Editor

    Logic Pro X Score Editor


    Watch this Score Editor course – by the knowledgeable and very entertaining Peter “SKI” Schwartz – and you’ll be notating your scores, making parts and creating lead sheets before you can say fortissimo! You’ve been asking for it for years, and now it’s here: The Score Editor taught by the...

  • Voiceover in Logic Pro X

    Voiceover in Logic Pro X


    Learn the art of recording voiceovers! This course, by voiceover artist and Logic Pro expert Jonathan Slater, explains how to record, edit, and produce the most fundamental instrument of all: the human voice. Voiceovers are everywhere: Commercials, Films, TV shows, radio and even instructional...

  • Logic Pro X Power Tools & Tips

    Logic Pro X Power Tools & Tips


    This course app packs 30+ video tutorials on power tools and tips for Logic Pro X from Olav Basoski. Olav Basoski's electronic music and production techniques are legendary. If you want to know how he does it, check out his Power Tools and Tips and learn how to harness the insane power of...

  • Logic Pro Extreme Processing

    Logic Pro Extreme Processing


    Supercharge |ˈso͞opərˌCHärj| [verb] Definition: To infuse your Logic Pro tracks with an abundance of energy, power and emotion. Mo Volans shows you how it's done! If you're looking for basic, boring, banal and blasé processing techniques to add effects to your tracks… DON'T YOU...

  • iMovie FX & Color Correction

    iMovie FX & Color Correction




    When making movies, it's often the little things that make all the difference. In this 30-tutorial course, you learn how those powerful "little" video and audio touches – packed into Apple's iMovie – make YOUR movies really shine. Yes, iMovie has a lot of built-in color...

  • Compressor Transcoding

    Compressor Transcoding


    Join Apple Certified Trainer Ben Balser in this massive 39-tutorial course as he teaches everything you need to know about video compression using Apple’s Compressor software. This in-depth course, by Apple video expert Ben Balser, starts out with a detailed discussion on transcoding, the...

  • NI Maschine's Sampler Explored

    NI Maschine's Sampler Explored


    Learn how you can harness the power of Maschine's sampling beast in this deep tutorial by Native Instruments Product Specialist Matt Cellitti. Maschine by Native Instruments is one of the most comprehensive samplers on the planet. At the heart of the Maschine concept is its ability to...

  • Course for Keynote: Mac & iOS

    Course for Keynote: Mac & iOS




    Watch this in-depth 43-tutorial course, from our resident Apple guru Francesco Schiavon, to learn how to create attractive and informative presentations using Apple’s Keynote software on your Mac, iOS devices and iCloud! Are you tired of boring slide presentations? Have you ever suffered from...

  • GarageBand iPad, Mac & Beyond

    GarageBand iPad, Mac & Beyond


    This 36-tutorial course takes you on a GarageBand songwriting journey. It's begins on the iPad. It develops on the Mac and reaches final production as it moves up to Logic Pro X for the finishing touches. Come along for the ride! This course is designed for both GarageBand and Logic Pro...

  • OS X Mavericks - The Basics

    OS X Mavericks - The Basics


    This course shows you around Apple’s new OSX Mavericks and how to keep your Macs up-to-date and “moving” in the right direction! Moving to a new OS is kind of like moving into a new house: All your “stuff” is the same, but all the rooms look a whole lot different. OK, so you're moving into...

  • Logic Pro X Mixing, Automation

    Logic Pro X Mixing, Automation


    Do you want to know absolutely everything about mixing in Logic Pro X? Well, you've landed on the perfect course! This mixing masterclass by sflogicninja David Earl is, by far, the best Logic mixing course ever created. Check it out! Logic is a mixing powerhouse. Anything you can do in Pro...

  • OS X Mavericks File Management

    OS X Mavericks File Management


    Tired of endlessly searching for those hard to find files? See how Apple's OS X Mavericks gives you tons of tools to easily locate, categorize, manage and backup every file on your hard drive! Managing the millions of important files that accumulate on our hard drives can "drive" a...

  • OS X Mail, Calendar, Contacts

    OS X Mail, Calendar, Contacts


    Apple's OSX Mavericks is full of all kinds of ways to make your life easier and more efficient. Join Mac expert Francesco Schiavon and learn how you can become an OSX power user! It's the things that we do everyday on our Macs that slow us down the most! Mail, Contacts, iCal and all of...

  • OS X Sharing and Connecting

    OS X Sharing and Connecting


    Social and sharing features are designed right into the OSX Mavericks experience. In this course you will see how you can harness the power of this amazing connectivity! Almost everything you can do on a Mac can be shared. Knowing how to set it up – and how you can use it – opens up all kinds of...

  • What's new in OS X Mavericks

    What's new in OS X Mavericks




    Catch the Mac OSX Mavericks wave! In this FREE introductory course you get an introductory look at all the new features Apple has designed to enhance your MacBook, iMac and MacPro user experience. A new look, a new feel and all kinds of new ways to surf through your applications and get your...

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