• Cubase 6 FX, EQ, & Automation

    Cubase 6 FX, EQ, & Automation




    Learn to mix your tunes in Cubase 6 using FX, EQ and Automation in this production masterpiece by Matthew Loel T. Hepworth... The tracks are recorded. The musicians are gone. You’re all alone in the studio with Cubase 6 staring back at you from your computer's lonely screen. Guess what?...

  • Live 8 205 - Live DNA!

    Live 8 205 - Live DNA!


    Explore the genetic building blocks of Ableton’s Live software in this deep, 22-video, molecular explanation of Live’s essential performance ingredients... Just as real DNA is made up of genes, Live’s genetic materials are the collection of advanced programming techniques that formulate its...

  • Pro Tools 10 Exploring Tracks

    Pro Tools 10 Exploring Tracks


    Explore the multitude of ways tracks can be created in this collection of AVID Learning Partner tutorial-videos by Pro Tools Certified trainer Mike Watkinson... Knowing how to create audio and MIDI tracks in Pro Tools is essential knowledge, and in this tutorial, Exploring Tracks , expert...

  • Reason 5 103 - Thor

    Reason 5 103 - Thor




    Lightening strikes and thunder rolls as G.W. Childs explores the vast depths of Reason’s awesome Master of All Synths: Thor! Thor is the biggest, baddest synth in the Reason rack and Thor’s sonic secrets, for the first time, are unveiled, uncovered and revealed by veteran Thor sound designer...

  • Pro Tools 10 Session Technique

    Pro Tools 10 Session Technique


    Setting up your Pro Tools session correctly can save you tons of time and frustration. Let Pro Tools Expert Mike Watkinson show you techniques the pros use to prepare for their sessions... OK, it’s panic time: The bandmates are drifting in...the “suits” are on their way... And you’re behind the...

  • Music Theory 105 - Basslines

    Music Theory 105 - Basslines




    Get ready to track the bass with producer Gregg Fine in this "groove-along" course that will break down the bass lines and show you how to create your own grooves... How many of your favorite songs can you name just from hearing the bass line? It's probably quite a few. That’s...

  • Motion 5 401 Creating 3D Text

    Motion 5 401 Creating 3D Text


    Watch and learn how to create a complex 3D text flyby effect with motion graphics expert, Iain Anderson... Apple's new Motion 5 software is a motion graphics artist’s wonderland where preset complex FX are created with drag-and-drop simplicity. However, building a custom project from scratch...

  • Reason 6 - Recording Vocals

    Reason 6 - Recording Vocals


    When it comes to recording and editing vocal performances, Reason 6 gives you limitless possibilities! Come along for the ride as Reason wizard Hollin Jones shows you how he creates platinum vocal tracks in Reason 6... Great sounding vocal makes a great song even better. They draw in the listener...

  • Live 8 203 - Sampler Explored

    Live 8 203 - Sampler Explored


    Ableton Live’s Sampler is extremely powerful. In this hands-on tutorial Dance music performer and sound design expert Olav Basoski shows you how he uses Sampler to create the original sounds that elevate and enhance his productions... Sampling is huge in music production. We all use samplers,...

  • Pro Tools 10 Workflows

    Pro Tools 10 Workflows


    Mastering the Pro Tools workspace is the key to becoming a fast and efficient Pro Tools Engineer. Learn how to break the PT10 speed limit in this accelerated tutorial by Scott Freiman... Speed is everything, especially when it comes to running a Pro Tools session. You’ve seen those amazing Pro...

  • Art of Audio Recording - Drums

    Art of Audio Recording - Drums


    In this tutorial the audio experts at Singing Canary reveal the secrets of getting those platinum sounding drum sounds every band covets ... elevate your tracks to next level with this 2-hour tutorial! Recording the the sound and energy of the drum kit is essential knowledge that you’ve got to...

  • Motion 5 108 Creating Content

    Motion 5 108 Creating Content


    One of the most important new features of Motion 5 is the ability to create content for Final Cut Pro X. Think of Motion as your very own "FX incubator" where everything you create can be saved as a custom plugin for FCP X. No more shopping around for those 3rd-party FX. In this...

  • Motion 5 106 - Editing

    Motion 5 106 - Editing


    OK. So you’ve got all this wild text, multiple objects, particles, generators and replicators silently flying around the screen. Now what? In this tutorial by Michael Wohl, learn how to Edit, Retime and add Audio to heighten the power and “emotion” of your motion graphics... To become a fast and...

  • Motion Particles & Replicators

    Motion Particles & Replicators


    Motion comes jam-packed with a huge variety of very hot motion graphic effects. This tutorial shows you how to ignite these awesome Filters, Particle Systems and Replicators to fill your frames with kinetic energy and action... In this fourth tutorial in our Motion 5 introductory series Michael...

  • Pro Tools 10 104 Editing Audio

    Pro Tools 10 104 Editing Audio




    You’ve recorded the tracks. Now let’s get into editing! Get the basics of audio editing in Pro Tools 10 in these AVID Learn Partner tutorial-videos by MPV’s Scott Freiman... Editing audio requires that rare combination of artistry and skill. The is knowing how to listen and use your...

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