• Pro Tools 10 113 Pro Mixing

    Pro Tools 10 113 Pro Mixing


    Mixing sounds to create a cohesive and inspiring piece of music is an art. Join MPV trainer and Pro Tools expert Mike Watkinson as he reveals his favorite mixing techniques and shows you how you can bring your musical canvases to life... Just like a painter who carefully chooses his colors and...

  • Logic's Latency Toolbox

    Logic's Latency Toolbox




    Timing Is Everything! In this amazing tutorial Tom Rice shows you the secret to making your tracks “dead-on-the-beat” accurate with absolutely zero latency! Have you ever listened to one of those amazing tracks where every instrument seems to really lock into the groove? It’s truly audio magic...

  • Final Cut Pro X Exporting

    Final Cut Pro X Exporting


    Outputting to different video formats is one of Final Cut Pro X’s greatest assets. Learn everything you need to know about exporting and sharing your video projects from editor and motion graphics expert Michael Wohl... So now that your video project has been edited, color corrected,...

  • HTML5 & CSS Quicklook Guide

    HTML5 & CSS Quicklook Guide




    This HTML5 & CSS QuickLook Guide is FREE to all MPV members! In this 20-tutorial introduction course, expert trainers Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson will teach you the basics of building websites... Learning a new language can be very fun and rewarding. With the right tools and the right...

  • Numbers '09 101

    Numbers '09 101


    If you're in business, Numbers matters! Numbers tells the story of commerce and a scientific way of life. Put plans into action ... use Numbers '09! Numbers '09 is an incredible application for creating spreadsheets on the Mac. With its deep formulas, integrated graphing features,...

  • Final Cut Pro X DSLR Workflows

    Final Cut Pro X DSLR Workflows


    As DSLRs become the de facto standard in video production, they bring with them a host of challenges in an editor’s workflow. In this tutorial Final Cut Pro Master Trainer Jeff Greenberg shows you how to optimize your DSLR workflow in FCP X... Shooting footage with DSLR cameras has many benefits...

  • Live 8 - Electronic Dance

    Live 8 - Electronic Dance




    House Music Legend Olav Basoski shows how he uses Ableton Live to make chart topping dance floor anthems. Olav Basoski is back and this time he's turned his incredible chart-topping song skills to his new favourite audio tool, Ableton Live 8! In these new, Pro Level Ableton Live 8...

  • Final Cut Pro X File Ingesting

    Final Cut Pro X File Ingesting


    Media management in Final Cut Pro X has been simplified, automated, optimized and streamlined. In this tutorial you’ll learn everything you need to know get your media into the project, organized and ready for cutting! Guess what? No more waiting! FCP X lets you start processing and editing your...

  • Native Instruments 105 Kontakt

    Native Instruments 105 Kontakt


    3-Hours of Kontakt Tutorial-Videos. Stream the HD version of this tutorial at: & Scott Freiman unveils the incredible sampling power of Native Instrument's Kontakt in this comprehensive series of tutorial-videos. In this tutorial, composer and...

  • FCP X Magnetic Timeline

    FCP X Magnetic Timeline


    FCP X’s timeline is not only “Magnetic” but also redefines the whole concept of what a timeline is and how it works! Join Michael Wohl, one of the original designers of Final Cut as he shows how this amazing new video editing canvas will make your editing easier, faster and more fun! No more...

  • Logic 204 Ultrabeat Unleashed

    Logic 204 Ultrabeat Unleashed


    2-hours of Logic Studio UltraBeat tutorial-videos. Steve H. shows you how to use Ultrabeat as a synth, sampler, and step-sequencer combined! Steve H. is at it again with this power-house tutorial showing you how to use Ultrabeat. The tutorial starts with a detailed exploration of...

  • Final Cut Pro X Titles & FX

    Final Cut Pro X Titles & FX


    Final Cut Pro X incorporates very powerful tools for creating titles, visual effects and complex composite shots. Join star trainer and video editor Michael Wohl, as he explores each of these techniques and shows you how they are created, customized and edited to perfection. So if you're...

  • Native Instruments 306 Massive

    Native Instruments 306 Massive




    Native Instruments' Massive is the go-to synth for getting that deep and dirty Dubstep sound. See how award-winning synthesist/producer Rishabh Rajan programs this awesome soft-synth in this advanced, multi-tutorial course... Massive is, well, MASSIVE! It's a multidimensional synth that...

  • Dreamweaver CS5 101

    Dreamweaver CS5 101


    7-Hours of Dreamweaver Tutorials. Design and build complex web sites with confidence and style…let Dreamweaver Master Geoff Blake show you how! Whether you’re building a simple web page or a complex site, Dreamweaver CS5 is the industry-leading web authoring tool that will help you get the job...

  • Pro Tools 10 - Recording Audio

    Pro Tools 10 - Recording Audio


    Master the art of recording audio in these AVID Learning Partner tutorial-videos by one of’s lead trainers, Scott Freiman... Now that you know how Pro Tools works, it’s time to learn how to use it! So let’s begin by Exploring The Workspace. In this collection of AVID Learning...

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