• What's new in OS X Mavericks

    What's new in OS X Mavericks




    Catch the Mac OSX Mavericks wave! In this FREE introductory course you get an introductory look at all the new features Apple has designed to enhance your MacBook, iMac and MacPro user experience. A new look, a new feel and all kinds of new ways to surf through your applications and get your...

  • Logic Pro X Producing Hip Hop

    Logic Pro X Producing Hip Hop


    Dive into Logic's urban side in this 3+ hour, workflow course by Hip Hop producer and Certified Logic Pro trainer, Booker Edwards. Logic does Hip Hop and so do you! Different styles of music rely on various different tools in the Logic Pro toolbox. Hip Hop – with its urban, turntable roots –...

  • Web Design Deeper In WordPress

    Web Design Deeper In WordPress


    If you enjoyed WordPress Basics, then strap yourself in for Deeper Into WordPress! Join award-winning trainer Geoff Blake as he takes you through the ins and outs of creating full-featured WordPress-driven blogs and websites! You'll discover techniques and tools that will take your blog...

  • iMovie & Your Footage

    iMovie & Your Footage




    "I've shot my footage... Now what?" This is the biggest question every video editor asks when using video editing software. This course is designed to guide you through the importing and organizing process to ensure your iMovie clips are brought in, managed and ready to be edited!...

  • Web Design: Deeper Into XHTML

    Web Design: Deeper Into XHTML


    Now that you've got the Basics of XHTML down, it's time to get way deeper. Web design guru Geoff Blake is back to take you Deeper Into XHTML! In part two part of his XHMTL series Geoff Blake takes you deeper into web programming using XHTML. He jumps right in with an awesome section on...

  • Microsoft Excel 101

    Microsoft Excel 101


    Microsoft Excel is second only to Microsoft Word as the oldest and most powerful pieces of industry standard software from Microsoft for the Macintosh operating system. Let long-time user and veteran instructor Tamás Revoczi teach you how to create basic worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2011......

  • Logic Pro X Record & Edit

    Logic Pro X Record & Edit


    Learn Logic – and see it in action – as Jonathan Perl invites you into his recording session and shows you the power of recording and editing audio in Logic Pro X! In this Core Training course, by Logic Pro Master Trainer, professor and über-cool musician Jonathan Perl, you learn all the audio...

  • Logic Pro X Retro Synth

    Logic Pro X Retro Synth


    In this course, our top trainer, Rishabh Rajan, teaches you all about Retro Synth while at the same time, helping you fine-tune your synthesis and sound design skills! Dive into Retro Synth, Logic Pro X's powerful new instrument and brush up on analog, wavetable, and FM synthesis techniques...

  • iMovie Story Telling & Editing

    iMovie Story Telling & Editing




    Movie makers are, at their core, storytellers. In this iMovie course by Michael Wohl, you learn how to amp up YOUR storytelling technique using the new and powerful tools that come with Apple’s iLife video editor: iMovie... Whether you’re editing a family video, an important business event... or...

  • Intro to iMovie

    Intro to iMovie




    This app is a course tutorial the new iMovie that is here! Check out all the fun and features and get a glimpse of all the new editing power Apple has built into this easy-to-use, yet full-featured iLife app! Apple’s latest version of iMovie is filled with lots of new features and enhancements....

  • Course for Numbers: Mac & iOS

    Course for Numbers: Mac & iOS


    Learn how to be a cross-platform, multi-device number cruncher with Apple’s Numbers software on your Mac, your iOS devices and on iCloud by watching this 41-tutorial course, by our Mac and iOS expert Francesco Schiavon! Are you used to working on your spreadsheets on your dusty old accounting PC...

  • Logic Pro X Mastering EDM

    Logic Pro X Mastering EDM


    Learn mastering with UK-based mastering engineer Mo Volans as he takes on finalizing an EDM track using Logic Pro X in this in-depth, 34-tutorial course. Becoming a good mastering engineer is a lot like learning how to play an instrument. It takes a lot of hard work, practice and ear-training....

  • Logic Pro X Mixing EDM Tracks

    Logic Pro X Mixing EDM Tracks


    Learn how to create power-pumping, crystal-clear dance mixes with Logic Pro X in this EDM mixing course by Mo Volans. Mixing electronic dance music requires the skills of a surgeon and artistry of a sculptor. Mixing electronic music is tough! Electronic sounds, by their very nature, are...

  • Course for Pages: Mac & iOS

    Course for Pages: Mac & iOS


    This 37-tutorial course by expert Francesco Schiavon teaches you everything about using Pages to create and edit documents on all your devices now that Apple's Pages is everywhere: On the Mac, iPad & iPhone and in the cloud! You've got an important deadline. So you start creating an...

  • Logic Pro X ES2 Sound Design

    Logic Pro X ES2 Sound Design


    In this course, you’ll learn how to set Logic Pro X’s ES2 on fire with sound design tips sparked from the imagination of inventive producer, Rishabh Rajan! Do you want to build screaming leads, evolving pads, talking basses, electro drums and more? Presets are easy... and that’s why everybody...

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