• Final Cut Pro X Audio Editing

    Final Cut Pro X Audio Editing


    Audio is a huge part of video. This 31-tutorial course – by video editing expert, Michael Wohl – demystifies all aspects of audio from editing to automating to adding plug-ins. Learn everything audio in Apple’s new version of Final Cut Pro X. Video editors ARE audio editors too... and the audio...

  • Media Management in FCPX

    Media Management in FCPX


    In this course app you'll see how Final Cut Pro X 10.1organizes all of your clips in all of your projects quickly and efficiently. Apple’s Final Cut Pro X 10.1 has a brand-new media management system that fits the pro workflow perfectly. As Final Cut Pro X continues to grow into its...

  • Finishing up your FCPX project

    Finishing up your FCPX project


    The editing is done, so are the FX, the color’s correct... now what? Final Cut Pro expert Michael Wohl takes you through all the important steps leading to exporting and sharing your movie projects in this deep, 28-tutorial course! There are lots of things to do before you hit that export button!...

  • Color Correction in FCPX

    Color Correction in FCPX


    Learn the art and craft of color correction – with editor and colorist Michael Wohl – using Apple’s Final Cut Pro X! Remember when color correction was a difficult and tedious task that could only be accomplished by experts with custom software? Now, in Final Cut Pro X, all the tools you need to...

  • Final Cut Pro X Visual FX

    Final Cut Pro X Visual FX


    Watch this 24-tutorial course to see how Michael Wohl creates everything from basic transformations to cool animations right before your eyes! There’s a lot of cool visual effects you can accomplish right in the new FCPX. This course – designed by editor Michael Wohl – takes you step-by-step...

  • Graphics and Titles in FCPX

    Graphics and Titles in FCPX


    From titles to complex transitions, this course – by Michael Wohl – takes you through all of them! Graphics are a big part of Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. You can create your own or you can utilize and modify the vast library of free content that comes bundled with FCPX. This course starts out with...

  • Advanced Editing in FCPX

    Advanced Editing in FCPX


    Join Michael Wohl as he explains the advanced techniques and reveals ALL the new editing features packed into Apple’s flagship video editor, Final Cut Pro X! The new Final Cut Pro X is filled with pro editing enhancements. Apple continues its pioneering foray into changing the pro video...

  • Final Cut Pro X Editing

    Final Cut Pro X Editing


    Michael Wohl created this comprehensive new editing course – filled with great examples – to show you just how it’s done! This 30-tutorial collection gets you up-to-speed quickly in Apple’s latest version of Final Cut Pro X! This course delivers the editing goods! It explains FCPX’s new...

  • Import and Organize in FCPX

    Import and Organize in FCPX


    It all starts with getting your footage into Apple’s FCPX! Learn the basics of importing and organizing your clips in this latest version with expert editor and instructor Michael Wohl. Whether you’re importing footage from tape-based or file-based cameras, DSLRs or even recording live, this...

  • Final Cut Pro X Overview

    Final Cut Pro X Overview




    Check out this FREE course and all our other courses to learn everything you need to know about FCPX 10. Apple’s Final Cut Pro X version 10.1 is now available for the Mac and it’s loaded with so many new pro features that we’ve created a whole new series of courses to get you up to speed! The...

  • Player Player



    FREE Player is a Tutorial-Video Player that lets you Stream HD Tutorials from No account is needed to try Player ... download to your Android device and start streaming tutorials instantly. If you are a subscriber to's Online...

  • Sibelius 7 100 QuickLook Guide

    Sibelius 7 100 QuickLook Guide




    Join composer and orchestrator Thomas Goss in this free QuickLook Guide that teasingly shows you the basics of music notation and score preparation using Sibelius 7, an amazingly powerful program that will get you creating stunning scores in no time... We searched the world to find the best...

  • Final Cut Pro X 101

    Final Cut Pro X 101




    This tutorial is free to all mPV members! With the release of Final Cut Pro X, Apple has upped the ante in the nonlinear video editing world. Join expert video editor, Michael Wohl, in this FREE Overview and Quick Start Guide, and get the inside info about FCP X’s new features. Final Cut Pro X...

  • Pro Tools 10 - What's New

    Pro Tools 10 - What's New




    Pro Tools 10 is here, and with it comes some highly anticipated new features. Join Bill Burgess in this FREE 5-video sampler and see what’s new in Pro Tools 10 ... So just what IS new in PT10? Pro Tools 10 has 32-bit floating point architecture. What does this mean? Well, how about a virtually...

  • Lightroom 4 100

    Lightroom 4 100




    Lightroom 4 provides a comprehensive set of digital photography tools, from powerfully simple one-click adjustments to cutting-edge advanced controls. In this FREE course Adobe Design Master and Instructor Martin Perhiniak guide you through the new powerful features of Lightroom 4. Every...

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