• Lightroom 4 100

    Lightroom 4 100




    Lightroom 4 provides a comprehensive set of digital photography tools, from powerfully simple one-click adjustments to cutting-edge advanced controls. In this FREE course Adobe Design Master and Instructor Martin Perhiniak guide you through the new powerful features of Lightroom 4. Every...

  • Reason 6 - Working With Audio

    Reason 6 - Working With Audio


    Reason now records, processes and samples audio! This tutorial by Reason 6 expert Hollin Jones shows you just how seamless working with audio is in Reason 6... Learn how audio works in Reason from input to output. You’ll see how to set proper levels and configure your monitoring. From there we...

  • Melodyne 201 - Advanced

    Melodyne 201 - Advanced




    Melodyne 2.0 is loaded with a bunch of new features. Let Product Specialist David Andris show you how you can inject Melodyne’s new DNA technology into your productions... Editing the pitches of individual notes within a polyphonic audio sample is impossible, right? WRONG! Melodyne is here with...

  • iOS App Dev 103

    iOS App Dev 103


    Kill the bugs! First you learn the concepts and practice of using Macros to streamline your debugging process. Macros help you quickly, efficiently and cleanly debug your code WITHOUT having to worry about removing/commenting out any debugging/tracing items after the fact. Next, you get a look...

  • iOS App Dev 102

    iOS App Dev 102


    This iOS programming course is all about Objects and their Classes. Classes are like blueprints for Objects. They determine how Objects work and how they relate to the other Objects to which they’re connected. As you build an app using Objects, understanding their behaviors and how you can...

  • iOS App Dev 101

    iOS App Dev 101


    You start by learning the correct way to install Xcode, Apple’s iOS Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This is the tool you use to develop iOS apps. As you learn your way around the interface, almost right away you build your first little “Hello World” app! Next, you learn about the...

  • Word For Mac 101

    Word For Mac 101


    In this course, you start from the very beginning of launching and personalizing your copy of Microsoft Word and end up learning enough of the basics to be able to produce attractive and professional single-page business documents… namely business letters. After a quick look at what’s available,...

  • Analog Synthesis Digital World

    Analog Synthesis Digital World




    Learn how Analog synths fit into your modern music production workflow in this amazing tutorial for ALL audio producers. In a world before computers and virtual instruments and long before MIDI, electronic music was made with analog modular synthesizers, with real 3-dimensional knobs, faders,...

  • Media Composer 6 100

    Media Composer 6 100




    With so many exciting changes happening in the world of video editing, Avid ups the ante with this latest incarnation of Media Composer. In this FREE overview tutorial, Avid Master Trainer Jeff Greenberg shows you everything that’s new in MC6, and what it means to your workflow... Media...

  • iMovie '11 102 - What's New

    iMovie '11 102 - What's New




    This is a set of tutorial videos, not the iMovie software! This comprehensive overview of the new features in iMovie '11 is an important supplement to our "Core iMovie '11 101" tutorials ... iMovie '11 has several new features that make editing and outputting your video...

  • Logic Pro X The Arpeggiator

    Logic Pro X The Arpeggiator




    Logic’s new MIDI FX plugins are a galaxy of creativity and they all revolve around the expansive Arpeggiator. Join Logic guru Steve H as he explains the Arpeggiator and shows you how to unleash all of the powerful potential locked deep within... There’s whole new world of MIDI FX built in to...

  • Logic Pro X Logic Remote

    Logic Pro X Logic Remote




    Logic Remote is Apple’s FREE iPad app that is designed exclusively for Logic Pro X. Learn all about its intelligent, multi-touch, second screen capabilities with Logic expert and macProVideo publisher, Steve H. Screen real estate is valuable, especially when you’re working with lots of plugins...

  • What’s New In Logic Pro X

    What’s New In Logic Pro X




    Logic Pro X is here... and it’s packed with tons of powerful and inspiring new features. Check it out right here in this exclusive, FREE collection of tutorials by Logic masters Steve H and sflogicninja David Earl... Flex Pitch, MIDI FX, Drum Kit Designer, Track Stacks, Retro Synth, new Channel...

  • Logic Pro X Smart Controls

    Logic Pro X Smart Controls


    In this course David Earl shows you how to map the parameters of several DSP plugins onto the control knobs of a single Smart Control unit. You'll learn how to select an appropriate Smart Control preset, then assign its controls to any plugin assigned to the channel strip. Included is a...

  • Logic Pro X Flexing Vocals

    Logic Pro X Flexing Vocals


    Logic Pro X adds a new "Flex Pitch" feature that lets you tweak vocals to make a perfect recording. It's a cool new feature that accents Flex Time - David Earl dishes out the secrets in this new Flex Pitch & Time Course. David Earl is a Logic Guru. Even Apple calls on him for...

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