• Logic Pro X Drummer & Drum Kit

    Logic Pro X Drummer & Drum Kit


    Need a real drummer to put the perfect polish on your indie song? Fear not, Logic Pro X's new Drummer & Drum Kit Designer plugins inject a virtual session drummer directly into your project studio. Watch as David Earl shows you how this new Audio AI works! Most people don't have...

  • Dubstep Deconstructed

    Dubstep Deconstructed


    This course starts with a fully produced Dubstep track and expertly deconstructs it track by track. Hear the awesome finished tune, then see pro production techniques deployed. There's really no better way to learn advanced production and Logic! Check it out! EDM producer Nigel Broad is back...

  • Exploring GarageBand For iPad

    Exploring GarageBand For iPad




    Musician + iPad = a match made in multi-touch heaven! MPV trainer Rishabh Rajan is here to show you GarageBand in its iOS incarnation. So stretch your fingers and get ready for some touching musical moments... Creating multi-track compositions on the iPad is one of the most satisfying things you...

  • Electric Guitar Production

    Electric Guitar Production


    Electric guitars rock! Get some unusual and extremely useful Outside The Box electric guitar tips and tricks from acclaimed Israeli composer & producer Eyal Amir... Eyal Amir is back with a new song and new course. Collaborating with virtuoso guitarist Alon Tamir, Eyal takes you through all...

  • Sibelius 7 103 - Jazz Quintet

    Sibelius 7 103 - Jazz Quintet


    Explore the art of notating jazz charts. See the notational power of Avid’s Sibelius 7 with renowned composer/arranger Thomas Goss... In the third course of this 5-part series, Sibelius 7 Master Thomas Goss tackles jazz, with its intricate melodies, special articulations and chord notations. In...

  • SongCraft - Hired Gun & DJ Boo

    SongCraft - Hired Gun & DJ Boo


    A songwriter, a Hip Hop artist, a DJ, a studio and only one day to produce song! Possible? We’ll find out! The production team at Dubway Studios are back producing Hired Gun and DJ Boo in another, high-pressure, real-world SongCraft Docutorial™. Ben Arthur, our intrepid songwriter and musical...

  • Art of Audio Recording - EQ

    Art of Audio Recording - EQ




    Master the art of EQ! The engineers at Modern World Recording explain it all in this “deep listening” equalization course... Equalization is to sound as hue, saturation and contrast is to picture. In other words, you can either enhance the final product or distort it beyond recognition! That’s...

  • After Effects Animation Basics

    After Effects Animation Basics


    Learn to use Adobe After Effects' Puppet Pin tool to animate characters in the "squash-and-stretch" style seen in the classic cartoons of the 30s & 50s in More Cartoon Animation Basics by After Effects expert Richard Lainhart... The rubbery, stretchy, squashy characters seen in...

  • Secrets Of Particle Playground

    Secrets Of Particle Playground


    Learn the little-known secrets of After Effects' Particle Playground plugin with special effects expert & Star Trainer Richard Lainhart. The Adobe After Effects Particle Playground plugin is a powerful environment for particle systems & other eye-catching special...

  • Photoshop CS5 105

    Photoshop CS5 105


    Take photo retouching and adjustments to a whole new level…Learn advanced, professional techniques from a seasoned photographer. There’s photo correction that most people do, and then there’s the serious photo retouching and image adjustments that the pros take the time for. This tutorial shows...

  • Pro Tools 402 - Mixing Pop

    Pro Tools 402 - Mixing Pop


    Have you heard Sarah McLachlan's music? Then you've heard Chris Potter's skills—he's Sarah McLachlan's Engineer! In this 4-hour tutorial by Sarah McLachlan's Lead Engineer Chris Potter, you'll learn how pop music is mixed to get that Big, Pro Sound. In this tutorials...

  • Photoshop CS5 104 Camera Raw 6

    Photoshop CS5 104 Camera Raw 6




    Take your raw photo editing skills to the next level: master Adobe Camera Raw 6 -and the best features of Bridge C5- from a seasoned photographer! In this concise tutorial, veteran photographer and author Dan Moughamian shows you everything you need to know to confidently use ACR 6 and Bridge...

  • Pro Tools 403 - Toolbox

    Pro Tools 403 - Toolbox


    Every mixer has his own audio toolbox full of secret weapons! Join Rich Tozzoli who has worked with Al DiMeola, Ace Frehley, Hall & Oates, Emerson Lake & Palmer, and Billy Squier as he opens his Mixing Toolbox and reveals some of his favorite Pro Tools mixing tips... Rich T is back! And...

  • Media Composer 6 103

    Media Composer 6 103


    Media Composer is filled with tools and techniques that will get you cutting and trimming video fast! Join MC expert Jeff Greenberg as he opens up his editor's toolbox and shows you everything you need to know... Let’s get cutting! In this tutorial Jeff Greenberg takes you deep into the...

  • Reason 6 203 - The Echo

    Reason 6 203 - The Echo




    New to Reason’s Rack is The Echo, The Echo, The Echo... Watch G.W. Childs show you how he manipulates this “echological” new plugin to create all kinds of “out there” audio effects... Reason’s latest plugin, The Echo, combines modern delay algorithms with the classic sound of analog tape. In...

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