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  • Sabarimala





    Sabarimala is a Hindu pilgrimage center located in the Western Ghat mountain ranges of Pathanamthitta District in Kerala. It is the largest annual pilgrimage in world with an estimated 45–50 million devotees visiting every year.This app will give you the perfect details of sabarimala temple. It...

  • M.S Subbulakshmi

    M.S Subbulakshmi




    This app is a great tribute to M.S Subbulakshmi.This is the perfect app for those who are the fans of Carnatic Music. In this app you can listen to Music , watch videos,see pictures and you can also read complete biography about M.S.Subbulakshmi.

  • 100 Places to visit before you

    100 Places to visit before you




    In 100 Places To Visit Before You Die, you can find information about the most beautiful places on Earth, see the most magnificent monuments created by people and of natural origins, learn about amazing places of interest and attractions are presented with texts and images including a guide to...

  • Location Based Alarm

    Location Based Alarm




    Location Based Alarm will wake you up, when you reach your destination. Its a GPS based alarm, If you set an alarm it will make sound and notification once its detected you are within 5km destination. Easy to use operation 1.Search for your Destination. 2.The map will show the Destination then...

  • Baby Diet

    Baby Diet




    Baby Diet delivers baby health & wellness info anytime, anywhere. The new Baby Diet app is like having a pediatrician in your pocket, giving new parents quick access to trusted and physician-approved baby health and wellness information anytime, anywhere. It gives the detailed food...

  • Swami Chinmayananda

    Swami Chinmayananda




    This application is used to know the details about the hindu spiritual leader and teacher Swami Chinmayananda, who inspired the formation of Chinmaya Mission in 1953 to spread the message of Vedanta.This app gives the brief details about him like his biography, career, videos, famous quotes,...

  • Indian National Highway

    Indian National Highway




    Indian National Highway is a map based application.Using this application you can find out the route of the National Highways.It also lets you to find distance between two places and the route path.

  • Kalaripayattu





    This app is used to know the details about the martial art Kalaripayattu.It gives brief description about History,Adavukal,Theraphy,Photos, Videos ,Kalari and its details.

  • Carnatic App

    Carnatic App




    This CarnaticApp will let you know all the information regarding the Carnatic music like the concerts, rasika, news, basics of music, interviews & recordings and so on...

  • Maatran





    Maatran (English: The Alternate) is a 2012 Tamil action thriller film. K. V. Anand who delivered last year's blockbuster 'KO', is returning with his next flick titled Maatran. The film stars actor Surya in dual roles, playing conjoined twins. Vimalan and Akilan are poles apart in...

  • Fuel Monitor

    Fuel Monitor




    This App is used to monitor the fuel level in the vehicle. If fuel level goes down, it'll remind you as "it's time to refill the tank". The usage is very simple, all you have to do is enter the Odometer reading and amount of fuel filled in the tank. The alarm'll be set only...

  • Navaratri





    In this app brief information about Navaratri and its significance is given. Also some information about its recipes, how it is celebrated, why it is celebrated, what people do during this festival, you can also send sms automatically on your device. So, enjoy your Navaratri Festival with our...

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate




    This app is used to know the guideline value for lands in Tamilnadu per square feet & square metric. Guideline value register is available with the registering officer. Guideline value relating to 1.1 lakhs streets and over 29 million survey numbers/subdivision numbers on this app for query....

  • Sandhya Vanthanam

    Sandhya Vanthanam




    Sandhya vanthanam is a religious practice performed by Brahmins initiated into the rite by the ceremony of Upanayanam, and instructed in its execution by a Guru (a qualified spiritual teacher). Sandhya vanthanam consists of excerpts from the Great Vedas that are to be recited thrice daily: one...

  • TamilNadu Tourism

    TamilNadu Tourism




    Tamil Nadu is a state in the south-eastern part of the Indian Peninsula.One of the four Dravidian states of India, it has had more than 2,000 years of continuous cultural history.Tamil Nadu has some of the most remarkable temple architecture in the country, and a living tradition.Tamil Nadu is...

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