madroom project

  • K-9 Mail UnreadCount




    A widget for K-9 Mail that displays unread numbers. Unread numbers of the multi account is displayed adding up. You can setting widget color by launch app. Support: Twitter:@madmamor -- By @madmamor

  • DroidNP - NowPlaying




    You can Post #NowPlaying to Twitter and Facebook what you are listening in music player after installing DroidNP. New!! since Nov 06, 2013. Amazon MP3 3D MAVEN Music Player Supported players: Android Default Player jetAudio MediaPlus PlayerPro Music Player RealPlayer Meridian 3 (Cubed) Music...

  • GmailUnreadCounter Widget 2




    A widget for official Gmail APP that displays unread numbers of inbox. The Gmail app needs to be at version 2.3.6 or higher on Froyo or Gingerbread. Unread numbers of inbox of the multi account is displayed adding up. Unread numbers of mailboxes other than the inbox are not displayed. You can...

  • DroidNP Plugin For Xperia arc




    Notice: If you are using ICS, first, please start this application from application list. This is Official DroidNP Plugin. This Plugin Supported Xperia arc Player. Support: Twitter:@madmamor -- By @madmamor

  • Add Event By Voice


    Add Event easily on the Android default calendar. Voice input is supported. Support: Twitter:@madmamor -- By @madmamor

  • DroidFM Beta




    It is an app to do the tagging etc. to by information on DroidNP. System requirements: DroidNP v2.6.0+ Feature: * Tagging Artist. * Tagging Track. * Love Track. * Ban Track. * Add Track to playlist. * Search and Share by Recommended Artists. * Search and Share and Tweet by Recent...

  • TwiMob to TwiPC




    Function only of conversion of into There might be an advantage if you are using the following app for Twitter. The app for twitter that responds to...

  • VolumeMeter Widget




    A widget that displays volume setting. Support: Twitter:@madmamor -- By @madmamor

  • GooCal Widget




    A widget that displays the schedule of Google Calendar. It is different from standard calendar of Android. * Week widget (4x1) * Day widget (1x1) It doesn't work in the device in which Android standard calendar is...

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