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Download DroidNP - NowPlaying DroidNP - NowPlaying icon

DroidNP - NowPlaying

Supported players: Amazon MP3 3D MAVEN Music Player Android Default Pl...

Free | 8.6 235

8.6 Users
Download K-9 Mail UnreadCount K-9 Mail UnreadCount icon

K-9 Mail UnreadCount

A widget for K-9 Mail that displays unread numbers. Unread numbers of...

Free | 7.6 48

7.6 Users
Download GmailUnreadCounter Widget 2 GmailUnreadCounter Widget 2 icon

GmailUnreadCounter Widget 2

A widget for official Gmail APP that displays unread numbers of inbox....

Free | 7.8 60

7.8 Users
Download GooCal Widget GooCal Widget icon

GooCal Widget

A widget that displays the schedule of Google Calendar. https://play.g...

Free | 7.2 18

7.2 Users
Download DroidNP Plugin For Xperia arc DroidNP Plugin For Xperia arc icon

DroidNP Plugin For Xperia arc

Notice: If you are using ICS, first, please start this application fro...

Free | 8.6 25

8.6 Users
Download TwiMob to TwiPC TwiMob to TwiPC icon

TwiMob to TwiPC

Function only of conversion of https://mob...

Free | 6.6 11

6.6 Users
Download DroidFM Beta DroidFM Beta icon

DroidFM Beta

It is an app to do the tagging etc. to by information on Droid...

Free | 7.2 5

7.2 Users
Download VolumeMeter Widget VolumeMeter Widget icon

VolumeMeter Widget

A widget that displays volume setting. Support: Twitter:@madmamor mp....

Free | 9 11

9 Users
Download Add Event By Voice Add Event By Voice icon

Add Event By Voice

Add Event easily on the Android default calendar. Voice input is suppo...

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