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    Gấu Tui Đâu - bạn muốn hẹn hò

    Gấu Tui Đâu - Tìm Gấu không khó lắm đâu!!! * Thỏa sức kết bạn, tham gia hẹn hò mai mối hằng ngày với 24 cơ hội ghép đôi. Cơ cấu kết bạn mai mối theo phiên, mỗi giờ 1 phiên mới lạ của GTĐ sẽ giúp bạn có thêm nhiều cơ hội tìm kiếm được bạn người bạn phù hợp. * Thích thú với giờ bí ẩn ngẫu nhiên mỗi ngày, nếu ghép đôi thành công trong giờ bí ẩn thì…

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    FutureIN - dear future me

    Write a letter and send it to future: - For anytime: 1 months, 1 years, or many years, ... - For anyone: yourself, friends or your parents... What do you want to say to your future self? TRY IT! Features: - Write a letters and send to future and recipient will receive it in the future. - Read interesting letters written and shared by other use…

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    HelloLingo -Chat learn english

    Speak to the world in minutes. Hello Lingo is the first-ever language app that allows you to easily talk to people of any nationality, in completely English, within minutes! The main features: - Help you meet and chat with new partners from around the world. - Match yourself with partners from all over the world. - Useful hints, such as interest…

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    Learn English on Lockscreen

    “EdLock” is an application that helps users learn English common sentences and most common languages around the world quickly and efficiently anytime and anywhere in your mobile phone. “EdLock” makes it easy for users to interact with the phone. Users not only learn English passively but also effectively results for themselves “ EdLock” includes o…

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