• Kung Fu (切鬼子)




    全球火爆的切鬼子游戏震撼发布,功夫对阵忍者! 秒杀水果忍者,切鬼子华丽来袭! Gently waving fingers, you are heroes, defeating the invaders. Play similar to Fruit Ninja, slice fruit, finger lightly wave to slice enemy, get bonus points. But it have more different with Fruit Ninja and slice fruit,different enemies and more novel modes...

  • Veggie Ninja Scene Style




    Veggie Ninja Scene Style is similar to the fruit ninja, but more interesting than the fruit ninja ,it is puzzle casual seductive raise spirit amazing game. Based on the traditional slice fruit type game, you will challenge the 100 different levels of difficulty. Each level has different models...

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