• Time Tracker




    A easy to use app help people to improve producitvity. With this app, you can log your time fragment and check how you spent your time. 1.Log time directly in your home screen by widget. 2.Review data daily and weekly, with bar chart and pie chart.

  • Easy Tasks




    An easy tool to management your daily tasks. 1. You can add task in main page easily. 2. Include time information in the input text using format HH:mm. The task will be scheduled. 3. You can also include date information using format MM/DD. 4. If your input without date time information. It's...

  • Tita Stopwatch




    1.Click on "Stopwatch" icon or "Hourglass" icon to enter different function. 2.In "Stopwatch" tab. Click "Start", while stopwatch running, click "Record" to record intermediate time. 3.In "Hourglass" tab. Use "+" "-"...

  • Tita Task Switcher




    1.Open "Tita Task Switcher". There is a list of your recently opened Apps. 2.Click switch button at right side of each App to "Hide/Restore" it. Apps which was set to "Off" won't be listed in quick launch area. 3.Click "Start" button at bottom, the...

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