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Run, Run, Run! Run for your life and the future of your forest. In this epic HD graphics platformer, your objective will be to run, jump, slide and dodge obstacles and enemies and fight the Kingdom’s Queen. The Queen had originally convinced the animals living in its kingdom to lend her money to restore the kingdom. The animals who were all very…

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Space Maze

This new Magma Mobile game offers hours of 3D fun that will surely test your thinking skills. Love puzzles ? Then this game is for you ! Come and help this kind robot repair his space station by gathering as many gems as possible through a maze of rooms, doors, and teleportation. Get ready for a challenge between reflection and action. - Amazin…

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Valentine Connect

Once you start discovering the lovely world of Valentine Connect, you won’t want to stop. Set in a gorgeous environment, this Match 3 game will let you create unbelievable chain reactions. Will you be up to the challenge and make your way through hundreds of challenging levels. As you move through the levels of varying difficulties, you will have…

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Welcome to Turtle Island. Designed for children and adults alike, Turtles will challenge and stimulate your brain on a daily basis. The goal of the game, turning over all the turtles in the same position is easy and straightforward to understand. However as you progress through the game, you will be faced with levels of increasing difficulty. With…

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Finger Stadium

Finger Stadium is an athletics game that uses your finger to compete. Select the type of game you want to play and get ready for race. Compete against other players around the world with the online score ranking (Scoreloop).

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Download Pinball XMas Edition Pinball XMas Edition icon
Pinball XMas Edition

To celebrate the holiday season, the team which developed Pinball for Android brings you Christmas Pinball, a fun new pinball for you and your family You want more tables ? Search for "Pinball" in the market to find our classic version

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Slide3 Patrick

Do you enjoy Match 3 games with a twist? In this case Slide3 Patrick is the right game for you. Take on each level one after the other with various objectives to achieve. Beware, its gets harder and harder as you move along. Slide3 Patrick really stands on its own as a Gorgeous Match 3 games with a colorful world to discover and mysteries to unco…

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Beware, addictive game ! Juggle all day long and show off your skills to friends and family. Your number one objective here is to move the paddle on screen and make sure you never let the ball fall down. Beware, as you make your way to the top, obstacles will start to disrupt your overall progress. Avoid them and by all means, remain at all time…

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Download Bubble Blast Rescue 2 Bubble Blast Rescue 2 icon
Bubble Blast Rescue 2

Maintain law and order in the Wild West in this new episode set in a beautiful and colourful 3D scenery. Under your cannon shots villains will have no other choice but to release their hostages. Beware some of them are well protected... Be clever and smart to save a maximum of Bubble Blasts in order to reach the next level. The bounties you will c…

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Kakuro, also know as cross sums, is a Japanese puzzle game which combines the Sudoku and crossword principles. Find the right combination of numbers whose sum is the clue written on the edge of the grid. Each digit must be unique in any given sum. You win the game when the grid is completed with the correct digits in every cell ! Do not be fooled…

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