Magnum Opus System Solutions

  • Om Shanthi Shanthi




    OM means GOD SHANTI means PEACE OM = AUM A: Vibration in the hips, in the base chakra. U: Move it up into the heart center. M: Half of the OM where we move the concentration onto the flow of energy from the Base chakra into the brow, then the Crown, Sahasrara and then, as the breath fails us,...

  • Saraswathi Slokas




    Goddess Saraswathi is the wife of Lord Brahma (Lord of Creation) and is the Goddess of wisdom and learning. Saraswati is the one who gives the essence (sara) of our own self (swa). She is considered as the personification of all knowledge - arts, sciences, crafts and other skills. She has a...

  • Sri Lakshmi Pooja




    Lakshmi, who is considered the goddess of light, beauty, good fortune and wealth, is worshiped on the occasion of Diwali to bring prosperity in the family. She is also worshiped to achieve success and fortune. It is however said that she does not reside long with anyone who is lazy and untidy or...

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