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Live Poker Bankroll

Live Poker Bankroll helps you keep track your bankroll of live poker. Register all your played poker games, logging the date of the game, where the game was played, the game type (cash, sit&go, MTT), the poker type (Texas Hold'em, Omaha), the buyin and the prize you have won. You can track all your poker games consulting statistics on whe…

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Download Poker Timer Funny Sounds Poker Timer Funny Sounds icon
Poker Timer Funny Sounds

Sit&Go tournament poker timer, with tournament statistics, addition of rebuys/addons and funny sounds relating to the specific facts of the game. Displays the current blind, next blind, current level, number of total players, number of remaining players, number of rebuys/addons, number of total chips in play, average stack, total prize and pri…

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Download Defaulters Defaulters icon

Do you owe money to someone or someone owes you money and you do not remember? With the application Defaulters you can control easily at all times your debts and your debtors. You can see on the screen a list of all your debts and the total amount of your debts. On another screen, you can view the list of all your debtors and the total amount owe…

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Download Poker Home Log Poker Home Log icon
Poker Home Log

Are you a regular home poker player with your friends? With Poker Home Log you can make a log of your home poker games with your friends, registering the winner of the game, second and third places, prizes won and comments about the game. You can also see who is the best poker player of your friends gorup looking the league table by wins, and who…

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Expense Control

Application that allows you to track expenses and have them controlled all the time. Add expenses easily and quickly logging the date, category / subcategory, description and cost. You can check reports like the summary of accumulated expenses during the day, during the month, during the year and the total cost; reports by category or by subcateg…

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Download Rellotge Catalunya Widget Rellotge Catalunya Widget icon
Rellotge Catalunya Widget

Widget de rellotge català que mostra l'hora i la data complerta. Si es polsa sobre el widget s'obre l'aplicació de rellotge nativa d'Android.

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Password Reminder

Password Reminder app allows you to forget about all your passwords. With Password Reminder you can... ...write your passwords with an account name, username and category. ...add, edit and remove your password accounts and categories. ...see your password as an accounts list or grouped by their category. ...if you want, you can lock it with a…

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Download Jamaica Clock Widget Jamaica Clock Widget icon
Jamaica Clock Widget

Jamaican clock widget that shows the current time and the current date. When you click on the widget it launchs the native Android Clock application.

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