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  • Close-Up Runway Milan


    Fashion reports straightaway from the places of action RUNWAY provides you with the complete cycle of women ready-to-wear shows presented designer by designer, big names and emerging, young talents. Five volumes cover the best of each season: Berlin, New York, London, Milan and Paris. RUNWAY is...

  • CFO


    The Chief Financial Officer's (CFO) role has been under transition for the last decade - but the pace only seems to have increased. The CFO has emerged as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the Board Room, and now shapes corporate strategies. New challenges appear on the horizon continuously...



    ELLE DECORATION is the magazine deals with home decoration and fashionable and inspirational products.



    La revista de moda número 1 del mundo..





    Cerca de 11 años consolidada como la guía más completa de la ciudad de México, siendo la mejor oferta en música, museos, teatro, cultura, cine, restaurantes, antros y bares. Periodismo de la ciudad, siempre con humor y coyuntura. Sin duda el medio más divertido, entretenido e inteligente para...

  • BRAND Magazine


    隨著時代的進步,現代女性的角色也開始轉變,對於自我的生活品質、風格態度愈來愈重視,在消費型態上也開始注意精品名牌的訊息。 有鑒於此,BRAND名牌誌於2004年創立,內容涵括了來自世界各地的名牌精品、設計時尚,是華人世界第一本專注名牌的精品雜誌。不同於其他女性雜誌,除了報導走在前端的流行資訊,更在實用面有深入的分析。並以名牌為根基,將品味的精髓延伸到食、衣、住、行,讓這些新女性不只學會買好東西,還懂得享受好生活。 BRAND相信,買名牌不代表敗金,這些有頭腦、有品味的新女性,更需要一個全方位的消費指南,讓她們在追求美麗與成功之外,還能擁有愛自己的力量。而BRAND所傳達的「Beyond...

  • Active Kids


    The Active Kids Magazine is the new exciting monthly Magazine for Children (Aged 4 to 14 ) published in graphically rich magazine format. The Active Kids magazine engages children and its strength is that it is able to stimulate the interest of children toward the learning of Science and Maths in...

  • Design Anthology


    Design Anthology is Asia’sonly luxury English-language interiors, design, architecture and urban living magazine. Published quarterly and available internationally. Design Anthology is for design connoisseurs, sybarites and bon vivants.

  • Guía de Puntos Crochet


    Un mundo de ideas para crear en Crochet.

  • RenoNation


    RenoNation may be the newest kid on the block, but it is the definitive interior design and renovation resource for both new and existing homeowners. Featuring innovative projects, gorgeous furnishings, useful tips, the latest trends, and more, you'll always be inundated with refreshing ideas...

  • Manualidad en Capitoné


    Un mundo de Ideas para crear en Capitoné

  • GameOn Magazine




    GameOn Magazine is a video games magazine for the Xbox, PS3, PC, WII U and PSP

  • RV de la Mode Haute Couture


    La nuova stylish guide per chi vuole essere sempre up to date sul favoloso mondo dell’alta moda e della sposa. Un laboratorio di ricerca realizzato da couturier che amano l’esclusività dell’immagine. Sofisticata e avantgarde alcova del lusso, nasce un nuovo modo di guardare il fashion world!

  • Autocar Vietnam


    Hơn 115 năm lịch sử cùng vị thế của tạp chí xe hơi độc lập đầu tiên trên thế giới đã tạo cho Autocar một đẳng cấp hơn hẳn các ấn phẩm về xe khác trên toàn cầu. Autocar Vietnam là bước tiếp nối của truyền thống đó, với tư cách là ấn bản nhượng quyền, sẽ cung cấp những thông tin mới và chính xác...

  • Cohort




    Cohort is the British Council's smart and trendy bi-annual publication for prospective students of UK TNE university programmes in Singapore. More than just an informative higher education-centric magazine with its pulse on the relevant issues, it is also one from which readers can get their...

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