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  • Close-Up Runway Haute Couture

    Close-Up Runway Haute Couture


    RUNWAY Haute Couture provides you with the complete cycle of the Haute Couture Fashion shows with the collections of all prestigious Couturiers in Paris and Rome. RUNWAY is truly a visual bible for professionals, which takes its strength from the rapidity and the completeness of information. With...

  • Her World VN

    Her World VN




    Ấn bản Việt Nam của Her World, tạp chí thời trang dành cho phụ nữ hàng đầu khu vực Đông Nam Á, đã có phiên bản máy tính bảng và điện thoại di động. Sứ mệnh của Her World đưa độc giả đến gần với thế giới sang trọng của những ngôi sao. Her World dành cho phụ nữ tuổi 28 đang bắt đầu chinh phục vị...

  • 优1周 U Weekly

    优1周 U Weekly




    UW (U Weekly) is Singapore's first hybrid entertainment, lifestyle and social news magazine UW not only thrives on reporting the latest trends and showbiz happenings, but also brings readers to the frontiers of delicious dining, exciting lifestyle trends, entertainment updates and social...

  • Business Today

    Business Today




    BUSINESS TODAY, is the largest-circulated business fortnightly in India. It is the best report of the business topography of the newly liberalised India. As the wave of change sweeps business, economy and society like never before, BUSINESS TODAY has ensured that its readers have all the...

  • Hong Kong Restaurant (Chinese)

    Hong Kong Restaurant (Chinese)


    Published as a Chinese title for the first time in 2010, Hong Kong and Macau's Best Restaurants is a comprehensive guide to the two cities' top restaurants and bars. Featuring over 170 restaurants reviews in Hong Kong and over 50 in Macau, this is an unparalleled guide to the region’s...

  • Best of Singapore

    Best of Singapore


    More than a directory, Best of Singapore 2013 is a handy compendium of the best products and services available in Singapore. Need a tailor, a caterer for a special gathering, or expert advice on holidays, living well and looking great? The Best of Singapore 2013 contains choice listings of over...

  • Hong Kong Restaurant (English)

    Hong Kong Restaurant (English)


    Hong Kong & Macau's Best Restaurants Guide is the citys oldest and most prestigious fine dining guide, having been in publication since 1984. Featuring over 170 restaurants reviews in Hong Kong and over 50 in Macau, this is an unparalleled guide to the region's best dining...

  • Turbo



    A Revista Turbo é a publicação automóvel mensal mais antiga de Portugal, publicada desde 1981. Durante o seu 30º aniversário deu passos importantes, entre eles uma profunda reformulação gráfica. A Revista Turbo foi também pioneira nas novas plataformas. Foi a primeira revista automóvel a estar...

  • Prestige Hong Kong

    Prestige Hong Kong


    Hong Kong’s first celebrity, society and luxury-lifestyle magazine, Prestige Hong Kong is a glamorous, award-winning mix of showbiz, fashion, culture, travel, high society and epicurean excellence. Our world-exclusive interviews with movie stars, celebrities and the world’s movers and shakers are...

  • Lure Angler

    Lure Angler


    ‘Lure Angler’' magazine is the only dedicated lure angling magazine! ‘It’s the quarterly journal for members of the Lure Anglers Society (LAS) - The UK's premier lure angling club - now electronically available to non-members via this app. Within the pages of 'Lure Angler' you...

  • Cárnica 2000

    Cárnica 2000


    Información sobre la industria alimentaría cárnica.

  • Sofrito Magazine

    Sofrito Magazine


    An Interactive digital magazine For the food lover with a Latin flair about Latin culture and cuisine. Quarterly issues featuring restaurant reviews, recipes, cookbook reviews, interviews, video demonstrations, and cocktails Also featuring: ¿Qué es eso? (What’s That?), an in-depth look into the...

  • Mystery Scene

    Mystery Scene


    Published since 1985, the award-winning Mystery Scene Magazine is the world's leading and most authoritative guide to the crime fiction genre. Our thoughtful articles, in-depth author interviews, and expert reviews examine all of crime fiction, from cozies to noir to thrillers. We consider...

  • Healthy Living Tri-Cities

    Healthy Living Tri-Cities


    Inspiring A Healthier, Balanced Lifestyle

  • AsiaLIFE Ho Chi Minh City

    AsiaLIFE Ho Chi Minh City


    AsiaLIFE is a monthly English-language publication and website providing engaging, in-depth feature articles published in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. Comprehensive reviews and listings of bars, cafes, music, leisure and shopping options back up our quality reportage that keeps readers abreast...

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