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  • RV de la Mode Haute Couture


    La nuova stylish guide per chi vuole essere sempre up to date sul favoloso mondo dell’alta moda e della sposa. Un laboratorio di ricerca realizzato da couturier che amano l’esclusività dell’immagine. Sofisticata e avantgarde alcova del lusso, nasce un nuovo modo di guardare il fashion world!

  • Autocar Vietnam


    Hơn 115 năm lịch sử cùng vị thế của tạp chí xe hơi độc lập đầu tiên trên thế giới đã tạo cho Autocar một đẳng cấp hơn hẳn các ấn phẩm về xe khác trên toàn cầu. Autocar Vietnam là bước tiếp nối của truyền thống đó, với tư cách là ấn bản nhượng quyền, sẽ cung cấp những thông tin mới và chính xác...

  • Cohort




    Cohort is the British Council's smart and trendy bi-annual publication for prospective students of UK TNE university programmes in Singapore. More than just an informative higher education-centric magazine with its pulse on the relevant issues, it is also one from which readers can get their...

  • Open Magazine India




    Open, a well-lit-window on India, addresses the progressive, globally minded reader, and tries to stay faithful to its promise of not dishing up regurgitated news or majoritarian opinion. Its clutter-free, vibrant design and superior visual content position Open among the best looking magazines...



    ON TOUR. Sich als Entdecker fühlen, entlegene Reiseziele auf der ganzen Welt mit dem eigenen Fahrzeug erkunden. Abenteuer erleben. Nie war der Traum von der großen Tour so populär wie heute – und gleichzeitig so einfach zu verwirklichen. EXPLORER ist das kompetente Magazin für diese Zielgruppe,...

  • Apps Unveiled




    Apps Unveiled is India’s first and only monthly magazine on mobile applications. It is owned by AppCrazy Media Private Limited, new print media start-up based in New Delhi, India. Nowadays, the facilities offered by Smartphones through numerous mobile applications are becoming increasingly...

  • Apps World Mag


    The ultimate aim of Apps World Mag is to filter out the cream out of the crowded stores and give the best apps at your door steps.

  • Forbes Vietnam


    Forbes Vietnam, a monthly magazine published in Vietnamese for the country's leading CEOs and entrepreneurs, celebrated its inaugural launch in Ho Chi Minh City on June 2013. Forbes Vietnam is committed to providing world class business news and insight to Vietnam's business leaders,...

  • Trendsetter İstanbul




    “Şehrin ritmini yakala” sloganıyla yola çıkan Trendsetter İstanbul, şehirdeki en yeni ve en cool gelişmeleri aktarmayı kendine hedef edinmiştir. Sanattan modaya, tasarımdan yeme içme kültürüne kadar birçok farklı alanda söz sahibi olan Trendsetter İstanbul aynı zamanda şehrin rehberi olma...

  • Vellinakshatram




    Is the category leader among film magazines in Kerala. Packed with the latest movie news, reviews and previews, celebrity interviews and inside stories of people in the entertainment world. Vellinakshatram is a movie lovers delight. Accepted as one of the best film entertainment magazines of...

  • SquareRooms




    Established in 2000, SquareRooms is a monthly interior design publication. Driven by inspiration, we cover all aspects of interior design that range from home renovation, design ideas for all parts of the home and comparison shopping on home furnishings. Most of all, the magazine is packed with...

  • Hardnews


    Eight years ago, Hardnews was conceived as a reaction to the dumbing down that was taking place in the mainstream media. Newspapers, magazines and television were celebrating trivia and giving precedence to lifestyle and fluff. It was (and continues to be) a phase of terrible political and social...

  • Magzter -Magazine & Book Store




    Magzter, the world’s fastest growing digital magazine store now introduces BOOKS! We are now "Magzter – Magazine & Book Store". Magzter is everything you ever wanted from digital reading. Magzter 3.0 series of updates bring a completely stylized and stable app with a host of new...

  • OCHO




    A Journal of Queer Arts. Our managing editor is Matthew Hittinger. Each issue is guest edited.





    Since its inception on July 31, 1986, Sananda has always celebrated womanhood. It represents the modern Indian woman who balances her work and home perfectly. Sananda helps her in bringing out the best in herself and guides her towards complete empowerment. Apart from being the only women’s...

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