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  • Conquista - Cycling Quarterly




    Conquista is a global quarterly cycling magazine, merging style, passion and emotion with thoughtful, intelligent content. The magazine explores, in the context of ALL cycling disciplines, the beauty of the bike. The essence of that idea does not need to be explained. Conquista aims to capture...

  • Travel Now


    Travel Now is the lifestyle publication for passionate travelers and would-be travelers looking for authentic experiences. It serves as their complete travel guide, featuring unique angles to both mainstream and bucket list destinations, including the why, when, how, how much, and what (to do),...

  • Appetite Magazine


    Appetite is the guide to delicious living that gives discerning homemakers ideas on how to elevate everyday meals creatively and confidently, placing emphasis on every aspect of its audience’s modern lifestyle: food, entertainment, celebrations, holidays, family, work, and wellness. Appetite...

  • Akram Express


    An exclusive magazine "Akram Express" just for young Kids. It contains Moral Stories, Mythological Stories, Puzzles, Activities and Golden Moments with Gnani, which is published every month.

  • Higher Education Review


    Higher Education Review monthly magazine is a platform where College leaders, College Professors, Industry leaders, HR Leaders, Expert Advisors for admissions and Accomplished alumni can share their experiences and learn from each other.

  • Meg


    Meg is every young Filipina's ultimate companion as she goes through her many journeys, helping achieve her different life goals.

  • Inside Showbiz


    Inside Showbiz is for aspiring showbiz enthusiasts. It gives access to the intimate lifestyle details of their favorite celebrities and up-and-coming personalities with news and features written from a young, witty , intelligent, and fun perspective.

  • Swindon Link Magazine


    Link magazine is distributed free of charge to 25,000 households in Swindon, with another 3,000 left in public places in the town. The publication contains a high level of editorial for a magazine entirely funded by advertising. It covers news, views and information about the town and, because...



    Welcome to the prestigious CLIFTON ACTIVE. CLIFTON ACTIVE is a luxury fitness lifestyle magazine. Enjoy

  • Indian Affluence


    Crafted for the Affluent Indian gentleman.

  • Minx


    A GRAPHIC NOVEL SERIES BY ANDREA GRANT-They say, "If you die in your dreams, you die in real life..." For half-Native American Minx, this is not superstition - it is reality. Once a struggling young artist in New York City, Minx's life is changed forever after suffering a vicious...



    GolfPunk takes the game to the edge... and stays there! The coolest gadgets, the most fashionable looks, golfers with attitudes and babes on the fairways and off. Every notion of the game... busted! This is THE magazine for the rest of us.

  • Magajmari




    The magazine is a fortnightly Gujarati publication which contains crossword magazines, puzzles, sudoku, number games , games related to movies etc.

  • HOLA ! Philippines


    HOLA! Philippines is a monthly celebrity lifestyle magazine that features high society, show business industry and fashion. Designed as a universally accepted family magazine, it focuses on the glamorous and leisurely activities of monarchs, socialites, and celebrities in both local and...

  • Jail Mail UK –Prison Newspaper


    Read it now! The paper which has received national media attention, is now available for everyone online. Jail Mail is the long awaited National prison newspaper distributed monthly to prisons across England, Wales and Ireland and accessed by over 85,000 prisoners. The paper is run by Human...

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