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  • Happy Life 월간 <행복한 인생>

    Happy Life 월간 <행복한 인생>


    월간 은 아름다운 사람들의 진실한 이야기를 담는 잡지입니다. 자신에게 닥친 어려움을 내면을 돌아보는 기회로 삼아 흔들리지 않는 행복을 얻은 이들의 이야기입니다. 멀고 높은 곳에 있는 것들만 쫓느라 놓치고 있던 행복과 기쁨이 이들의 이야기에 담겨 있습니다. 은 내려놓고 비워 바라는 대로 이루고 풍요로워지는 삶의 비밀과 지혜를 다룹니다. 그리하여 나를 치유하고 서로를 보듬어 안고 세상에 울림을 주는 삶의 뿌리가 되는 사랑이고자 합니다. Please go to for privacy policy and...

  • i Gas Journal

    i Gas Journal


    i Gas Journal is the leading business journal covering the worldwide industrial(Semi, LCD, LED, Ship, Steel etc), medical, and specialty gases industry. June 2013: i Gas Journal is the leading business journal covering the worldwide industrial(Semi, LCD, LED, Ship, Steel etc), medical, and...

  • Physics For You

    Physics For You


    Physics For You is one among the four competitive magazines published by MTG Learning Media Pvt. Ltd. With a readership of more than one crore readers, MTG Learning Media Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the education publishing business in India catering to the needs of NEET, IIT and PMT aspirants....

  • 《典藏-今藝術 ARTCO》

    《典藏-今藝術 ARTCO》


    ARTCO monthly Broadening the Visions of Chinese Contemporary Art.

  • AutoVolt Magazine

    AutoVolt Magazine




    AutoVolt is the UK’s first electric and hybrid vehicle magazine, providing an authoritative voice for those who are excited about great automotive design, cutting-edge technology and environmentally sustainable transport solutions. AutoVolt Magazine is filled with news, reviews and information...

  • Adore Noir Magazine

    Adore Noir Magazine


    Let us inspire you! Adore Noir is a fine-art photography magazine which celebrates works in black and white. Each bimonthly issue features six photographers ranging from world renowned professionals to those just starting out. Since its inception in the spring of 2011 it has found its audience...

  • Homeopathy & You

    Homeopathy & You


    Despite growing awareness about health, wellness and homeopathic healing, there exists a gap in terms of objective dissemination of practical health information and knowledge. Homeopathy & You intends to bridge this gap and increase active participation of its readers, their families, and...

  • Optimum Nutrition

    Optimum Nutrition




    ION's quarterly printed magazine is an essential read for anyone wanting to understand more about the role of nutrition and exercise in health and disease. Winter 2013: With the cold weather at this time of year, colds, flu and other infections abound and we all need a bit of extra help for...

  • Philippine Tatler

    Philippine Tatler




    Every month, Philippine Tatler takes you behind the scenes and reveals the fascinating lives and stories of influential people in business, cultural, social and sporting life of the Philippines. The ultimate arbiter of high society, taste and glamour, Philippine Tatler provides exclusive...

  • Ergotherapie and Rehabilition

    Ergotherapie and Rehabilition




    ERGOTHERAPIE UND REHBILITATION - Die führende Fachzeitschrift für Ergotherapie. Offizielles Organ des Deutschen Verbandes der Ergotherapeuten e.V. Die Fachzeitschrift zählt nicht nur bei den Mitgliedern des Deutschen Verbandes der Ergotherapeuten e.V. zur Pflichtlektüre. Darüber hinaus hat sie...

  • pulsprivat





    pulsprivat ist die Kundenzeitschrift der BAHN-BKK für Mitglieder. Sie erscheint vierteljährlich und bietet eine interessante Mischung aus Themen rund um die Gesundheit und der Krankenversicherung. Bei den Kundenbefragungen erhält pulsprivat seit Jahren ausgezeichnete Bewertungen von den...

  • The Art of Jewellery

    The Art of Jewellery




    Now in its 12th year of publishing, The Art of Jewellery is India's No. 1 business magazine on the jewellery trade and industry. The one-stop source of cutting-edge information for the Gems and Jewellery sector, it is widely recognized by readers, advertisers, and the jewellery community as a...

  • DSS Magazine

    DSS Magazine




    DSS es el magazine más completo para hombres, con información relevante sobre tecnología, viajes, deporte, entretenimiento, música electrónica y tendencias. Todo ello aderezado con fotografías y vídeos de las mejores chicas de moda.

  • Dogs & Pups

    Dogs & Pups




    Dogs & Pups- . Celebrate Eternal love-understand your pet better, become a responsible pet parent, get acquainted with pooch and kitty needs, ensure great health, share fun- n- frolic, gear up to enjoy stardom, find out what’s hot what’s new. The magazine is also for a cause wherein wepromote...

  • Open Magazine India

    Open Magazine India




    Open, a well-lit-window on India, addresses the progressive, globally minded reader, and tries to stay faithful to its promise of not dishing up regurgitated news or majoritarian opinion. Its clutter-free, vibrant design and superior visual content position Open among the best looking magazines...

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