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Learn Final Cut Pro X FREE

Whether you're new to Final Cut Pro or an experienced editor, you may find yourself in unfamiliar territory with the latest release. This version is a completely new editing program, so it's best to get a tutorial from a pro instead of learning the new additions through trial and error. And even though we're convinced this app is the…

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Walkthrough for Cut the Rope

Having difficulty feeding candy to that ridiculously hungry Om Nom in Cut the Rope? Mahalo's expert gamer tips and strategies will help you slice your way to delivering treats to that insatiably hungry green pet. In this app, you'll learn how to: *Breeze through all 8 worlds with our series of 205 HD videos *Grab all 600 stars in the ga…

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Learn GarageBand FREE

For all you aspiring rockstars and music producers out there, Mahalo is here to start you on your way to recording, editing and modifying your own songs with GarageBand. And even though we're convinced this app is the best way to master GarageBand on your desktop computer, we're constantly trying to improve our apps. So if you run into an…

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Learn Piano HD FREE

★ ★ ★"A powerful teaching tool!" -★ ★ ★ Every talented musician knows that the piano is one of the best instruments to play, but private lessons can be a time-consuming, costly obstacle. Mahalo's Learn Piano app makes playing look like a daunting feat made easy. You'll never need a private lesson to rock at piano…

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MMA Surge

Got what it takes to be an MMA fighter? In this course, pro fighter Andrew “The Squid” Montañez teaches you all the brutal strikes, chokes, submissions, takedowns and throws you need to dominate in the ring. With this app, you'll: • Get every episode of the popular YouTube show “MMA Surge.” • Take down fighters twice your size without brea…

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Learn Guitar FREE

★ ★ ★"A powerful teaching tool!" -★ ★ ★ If you've ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar but didn't know where to start and don't want to spend a lot of money on private lessons, this is the app for you! Mahalo's beginner guitar course will get you acquainted with the basics so you can start rockin&#…

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Master Rhythm Guitar FREE

The key to achieving guitar-god status is… that's right, rhythm! Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page would never be the rock legends they are without serious strumming skills. Bottom line: to be a great guitarist, you must first be great at rhythm, and this is the only app you'll ever need to make that happen! And even though we'…

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Chord Master

Have you always wanted to play your favorite songs on guitar, but haven't been able keep the chords straight? Master 14 guitar chords the fun way with this interactive game from Mahalo. You'll: Learn 14 guitar chords in no time. Compete against your friends via Facebook to get the highest score. Can't figure out a chord in your fa…

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Celebrity Hairstyles FREE

So you've washed, dried and prepped your hair, but now you want to do something new with your hair. Enter Mahalo's Celebrity Hairstyles app. Whether you're going to your own A-list event or out for a special night out with your friends, your hair can always use a celebrity makeover to turn your tresses into a paparazzi magnet. After w…

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How To Tap Dance FREE

Savion Glover brought tap to a new generation and now Mahalo is bringing tap to you! The How to Tap Dance app is the source for mastering the art of tap dance. With this app you will: * Learn to dance like Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers. * Get clearly instructed, fun-to-use videos for less than the price of one class. * Have kids? Improve their…

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