• Treasure "The Ultimate"

    Treasure "The Ultimate"


    *"Treasure The Forth". Finally appeared! Ultimate super difficult puzzle‥ It is a masterpiece of the slide puzzle. Maximum difficulty .... Maximum fun ... Now, how do you solve this conundrum? ******** You are a treasure hunter! The end of many adventures, you have found a treasure...

  • Treasure Classic

    Treasure Classic


    (*"Treasure The Third".It is appeared at last!The royal road of the puzzle. It is the classic of the slide puzzle to the people in the know. A little more…. Some traces….But we cannot untie the puzzle. It is fun to be excited.) You are a treasure hunter! The end of many adventures, you...

  • Treasure Next

    Treasure Next


    (This puzzle game is Sister's version of "Treasure" . In comparison with "Treasure ,"I increased "1×1" small pieces. It is the charm of this game that you can enjoy dynamic and active movement of pieces. You can try a row of the peaces in various ways....

  • Rumbling Dice

    Rumbling Dice




    Rumbling Dice is a simple application. When you shake your mobile phone, and the dice that rotates round and round on the screen. By touching the screen with your finger will stop the rotation of the dice.

  • Treasure





    You are a treasure hunter! The end of many adventures, you have found a treasure box hidden in a stone chamber. Due to rocks of different sizes stacked in a stone chamber, you can not easily put out treasure box. Well you are trying to move the rock, and take out out treasure box! How to play:...




    NUMBER is the numerical match play. The 16 fields of 4 × 4, are lined with marked cards for the numbers 1 through 15. 16th is blank. When you tap the START button, the game is started. Card is randomly ordered, the time count begins. Compete for time until the card back to the first order. Using...

  • Fighter





    Fighter is a very simple shooting game. This game is easily playable and fun for everyone. You are the fighter pilot. And you try to shoot down enemy bombers flying giant. The Fighter is displayed at the bottom. When you touch the Fighter, Fighter fires a shot. If you touch space on either side...

  • BombGame



    Rules. 1.Starting this game, you will see a lot of tiles. 2.Let's tap a tile.You can open a tile. 3.When you tap the tile I have hidden bombs, the game ends. Displays the elapsed time until the game over . 4.When you open all the tiles, the game is clear. ☆-1 If not you tap the bomb tile...

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