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    LED Display

    It is an application program to which the scroll display can be done like the video billboard. When the display is done in the tap, it begins. It discolors if the tap is done while displaying it. When you do the slide while displaying it The scroll speed changes. The right changes by ten slow stages the left. A screen long push : while display…

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    Download SomniloquyRecorder SomniloquyRecorder icon

    Recording is started in response to sound. If recording time is within a set period in 1 minute, it is recorded any number of times. The time of onset of sound search and termination time can be set up. When there is no time specification, it starts in 5 minutes and searches for 30 minutes. The sensitivity of sound perception can be set up. Re…

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    Download TimeLapse TimeLapse icon

    It is an application whose slow-speed photography is possible using the camera function of a terminal. If slow-speed photography can be done simply and it is finished only as setting up size, interval time, and the number of frames, and carrying out the tap of the start button, it is renewable immediately. The reproduction should choose and carry…

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    Download RangeFinder RangeFinder icon

    The distance to the object is understood only from the input of the size of the object, and suitable of the line on the screen. Both width and height are possible.

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    Download Doremi Doremi icon

    The easy keyboard which does not need explanation

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    Download stopwatch sound stopwatch sound icon
    stopwatch sound

    It can start, stop and reset to sound (a hand is struck). It is measurable till 59.99 seconds. A screen touch is also possible.

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    Download VideoPhone VideoPhone icon

    The application which can communicate like a picturephone through a wireless LAN. How to use A Wi-Fi connection is indispensable. The IP address shown to the title bar right in the other side is input. And "connection" a tap buttons up. When a connection succeeds, a picture is indicated. (A front camera will be communication only of sou…

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    Download SleepingPosture SleepingPosture icon

    Recording is started in response to a motion. The front is recorded for back 30 seconds for 3 seconds from the time of having perceived the motion. Time to search for a motion can be set up. When it searches from time of onset for 30 minutes and the motion has been perceived, a status bar has a notice. Since it operates from a sleep state, cons…

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    Download CamViewer Recording CamViewer Recording icon
    CamViewer Recording

    TENVIS FS-IPC100 Exclusive use The pan tilt controllable recording function was added.

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    Download Timetable Timetable icon

    The schedule told by the blown message You are told at the time set to the daily repetition. Blowing in is possible from a menu button. It is a simple application which does not need explanation, either.

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