• SomniloquyRecorder




    Recording is started in response to sound. If recording time is within a set period in 1 minute, it is recorded any number of times. The time of onset of sound search and termination time can be set up. When there is no time specification, it starts in 5 minutes and searches for 30 minutes....

  • Lupe


    A very simple loupe. The function, only focusing. A tap do on the screen, please.

  • Telescope




    x10 Telescope of zoom lens loading. It can expand more by an exchange of the lens.

  • 心霊写真


    640 × 480 のみ対応

  • アニメーションラボ


    超簡単なコマ撮り専用アプリアプリです。 640 × 480 のみ対応 フレーム数 999まで対応 機能は追々足して行きますので宜しく。

  • LED Display




    It is an application program to which the scroll display can be done like the video billboard. When the display is done in the tap, it begins. It discolors if the tap is done while displaying it. When you do the slide while displaying it The scroll speed changes. The right changes by ten slow...

  • SmartBarcodeReader


    Sales button Stock -- Please register a new item. Purchase button Stock ++ Please register a new item. Maintenance button Registration, updating, deletion, display, and search can be performed. Search is possible from goods ID and a brand name. (The direction where the focus has hit the...

  • Hypsometer




    The height of trees etc. is measured. It is carrying out based on basic height (160 cm). Change is possible from a menu. It uses, and first, aim at the root of a subject and a direction clicks a distance button. Distance is computed now and the rest only aims at the top. (A notes subject and...

  • LapTimer




    A wrap timer for cars which run on the limited lane. Passage is detected by a camera of a terminal and the time is measured. The number of going, a start mode and the sensitivity can be established. There is also a mask function so as not to undergo influence from the next lane. The number of...

  • WatchmanCamera




    When there is no change in an image, information mail is sent to within a time [ which was set up ]. Sensitivity can set up five steps of set periods for 1 to 12 hours. After starting, it concludes that a screen is touched and starts defence. It concludes that it touches once again and ends...

  • DriveRecorder




    a drive recorder -- it is an application. Usage is very easy. Click a start button. When there is a shock (or screen touch), it is the end of recording. Click a play button. The front is recorded for back about 3 seconds for about 30 seconds from the time of there being a shock (or screen...

  • VisualEncoder


    How to use A turntable is divided by color into black and white. (Please consult a top picture.) A terminal is fixed so that a turntable may seem. A starting button, tap A sensing line of the A look and the B look is established on the screen. (The A look and the B look can be switched from the...

  • 見守りカメラ2


    設定した時間毎に、領域で動きがあったか、お知らせメールを送る。 領域は4カ所まで設定できます。 動きは設定時間毎にログを残し、まとめてメールを送ります。 メールテストボタン  メールが届くかテスト用  メールサーバー等の設定を、先ず、して下さい。 Wi-Fi接続が必須です。 設定はメニューボタンを押して下さい。 * SMTPサーバー 例 * アカウント 例メールアドレスと同じ場合) * パスワード 例 123456 * 送信者 例 * 宛先 例...

  • 電光 Bluetooth




    ブルートゥースを選択 Bluetoothで通信が出来ます。 使い方 1.片方を「このデバイスを検出可能にします。」をタップ 2.もう一方を「デバイスを接続します。(安定)」をタップ 3.接続できると「コントローラー、ディスプレイ」ボタンが表示されるのでタップ 2.で繋がり難い時は「デバイスを接続します。(不安定)」をタップ 機種によってペアの設定など必要になる場合があります。 電光掲示板を選択は従来のアプリと同じです。 電光掲示板の様にスクロール表示する事が出来るアプリです。 表示画面をタップすると開始します。 表示中にタップすると色が変わります。 表示中にスライドすると...

  • MorseProcessor




    English is changed into the Morse code. It can save by a wav file. A wav file is in the item added recently [ of the media player ].

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