Makoto NARA (Mc.N)

  • USB Host Viewer




    USB Host Viewer is a tool to display information for the development of devices for USB devices connected (nearly lsusb). Applies to a feature with the Android 3.1 or later, and USB Host function. You may need to use a special cable features USB Host. Bugs you have any interest...

  • Elephant Stress




    Elephant Stress is a system stress tool for development. You can use as a simple benchmark. The higher the number of WU(WorkUnit), indicates that the faster the CPU. Especially if you are equipped with Multicore, so I feel almost twice the value of the measured value =).

  • DISQRO (Disclosure viewer)




    DISQRO is TDnet (Information Disclosure) is in viewer (japanese only). Bugs you have any interest request.

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