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    Card Magic Tricks

    Want to impress your friends with super duper card tricks? Well, go ahead, download the app, learn, enjoy & impress! Become next David Blaine! The app will teach you 12 real magic tricks you'll love to show off. Instructions or steps are provided in text as well as graphic format. Practice makes one perfect! So practice before showing…

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    Download Ganpati Ganesh - All In One Ganpati Ganesh - All In One icon
    Ganpati Ganesh - All In One

    A new way to worship Lord Ganpati is here! Ganpati All In One is as the name says an All in One app for Lord Ganpati Read on for the detailed features. 1. Ganpati Worship Page 2. Ganpati Live Wallpaper 3. Ganpati Photo Frame 4. Ganpati Lock Screen 5. Ringtone & Alarm of Ganesh Aarti, Ganpati Stotra, Ganpati Mantra, Ganesh poojan. 6. Tex…

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    Download Temperature Sensor Thermometer Temperature Sensor Thermometer icon
    Temperature Sensor Thermometer

    Temperature sensor or thermometer or thermostat tells you the temperature of your environment. It fetches the temperature from the inbuilt temperature sensor in your phone. Features 1. Thermostat style display. 2. Celsius & Fahrenheit scales available in thermostat. 3. Min & Max temperature of the day available in this thermometer. 4. Tem…

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    Download Trigonometry Formulas Free Trigonometry Formulas Free icon
    Trigonometry Formulas Free

    For all maths students, irrespective of whether you are maths lovers or haters, you have to have this app in your mobile. Trigonometry is an important branch of mathematics. There are plenty of trigonometry formulas you need to learn in your academics & this app helps you learn almost all of them. Learn all the trigonometry formulas with this…

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    Download Speedometer : What Is My Speed Speedometer : What Is My Speed icon
    Speedometer : What Is My Speed

    You might question yourself what's your exact speed when you walk. Speedometer comes to the rescue and informs you your exact speed at the moment. Speedometer uses the inbuilt gps sensor to fetch your speed. Do you want to find our your speed? Check your speed. Even if you are walking or driving, doesn't matter. This app tells you your…

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    Download Wifi Detector (Scanner) Wifi Detector (Scanner) icon
    Wifi Detector (Scanner)

    The world is taken over by wireless internet connections. Wifi networks are everywhere. And that's why the need to have a wifi detector or wifi scanner which scans the wifi networks around you and tells you the strongest one. This app does exactly that. It scans for the wireless internet networks in your vicinity and gives you detailed inform…

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    Download My Secret Hidden Contact - T My Secret Hidden Contact - T icon
    My Secret Hidden Contact - T

    We all have some secret contacts, we do not wish others to know about it. This app serves the purpose. Imagine a case. Your wife is playing with your phone, and suddenly your girlfriend calls up! You are dead! We cannot keep our phone with us 24/7. And when it's not with you, and some important contact calls us, your cover blows up! Not anymo…

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    Download Derivative Calculator Derivative Calculator icon
    Derivative Calculator

    A perfect tool for college going students and mathematicians. Input the function and app will tell you derivative of that function. e.g. sin(x), sin(x)/x, e^x/x, log(x) and so on. You want higher order derivative? No issues, you there's a button "Differentiate Again", click on it, and it'll differentiate the previous output. Y…

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    Download Ultimate Privacy App - Lite Ultimate Privacy App - Lite icon
    Ultimate Privacy App - Lite

    PRIVACY is again yours with Ultimate Privacy App! ***PASSWORD PROTECTED*** It protects your secret contact, private messages and call logs from the prying eyes of the world. ***HIDE CONTACTS*** Make sure your secret contacts remain hidden from the world. Safe and secure. ***HIDE SMS/ TEXT MESSAGES*** Hide your private text messages from sele…

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    Download My Sex Life - Free My Sex Life - Free icon
    My Sex Life - Free

    Ever wanted to keep a track of your sex partners? Want to think about your sexual romps and feel proud of yourself? "My Sex Life" is precisely for you. Features - 1. Multiple partners allowed. 2. Calender view. 3. Rating. (This is awesome feature) 4. Review / Comment. 5. Reports. You can sort by date/name/rating. 6. Photo upload. ** T…

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    Download Hide Record Girlfriend - Trial Hide Record Girlfriend - Trial icon
    Hide Record Girlfriend - Trial

    This is a MUST HAVE app for those who have girlfriend! **This is 15 day trial version. If you like this app, you can purchase PRO version from market *** If you have a girlfriend, you and your mobile are constantly watched by your friends and relatives. You need a PRIVATE BOX where you can practically store all the data of your girlfriend, be it…

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