Manas Gajare

  • Card Magic Tricks Free

    Card Magic Tricks Free




    Want to impress your friends with some super duper card tricks? Well, go ahead, download the app, learn, enjoy, impress! Become like David Blaine! The app will teach you some cool magic tricks you'll love to show. Practice makes you master! So practice before showing off! More tricks...

  • Derivative Calculator

    Derivative Calculator




    A perfect tool for college going students and mathematicians. Input the function and app will tell you derivative of that function. e.g. sin(x), sin(x)/x, e^x/x, log(x) and so on. You want higher order derivative? No issues, you there's a button "Differentiate Again", click on it,...

  • Balloon Bow & Arrow

    Balloon Bow & Arrow




    * Updates * Changed the 'game over' screen. Introduced 8th power - RAIN! Yes, like hit the clouds and it starts raining! Just like 'Mahabharata'. -------- Pull back the arrow from the bow and pierce the balloon with a pop in this incredibly exciting and unbelievably addictive...

  • What's My Speed - Free

    What's My Speed - Free




    Check your speed. Even if you are walking or driving, doesn't matter. This app tells you exactly whats your speed. Features - 1. Two standards. Km/hr & Miles/hr. 2. Digital display is also provided. 3. Great accuracy. 4. Max speed is shown! 5. Average speed is also shown! Let us know...

  • Ganpati Bappa / Lord Ganesh

    Ganpati Bappa / Lord Ganesh




    This is the APP version of our "Ganpati Ganesh Live wallpaper". If your android phone does not support live wallpaper then you can use this app. Worship Lord Ganpati by keeping using this app on your android device. This is perhaps the best app of Lord Ganesh that's available on...

  • Ganpati Ganesh Live Wallpaper

    Ganpati Ganesh Live Wallpaper




    Worship Lord Ganpati by keeping this live wallpaper on your android device. This is perhaps the best wallpaper of Lord Ganesh that's available on android market. Effect provided 1. Flower effect (Pushp Vrushti) 2. Aarti of Lord Ganesh with diya (divyane ovalani) 3. Ringing bell....

  • Kite Live Wallpaper

    Kite Live Wallpaper




    'Awesomest' KITE live wallpaper available on the market! You can control your kite. Navigate it left / right by tilting your phone. Tap once to bring the kite closer (khechi), tap again to move it farther (dhil). Double tap on screen to fix the vertical position of kite. However you...

  • Interpolation Extrapolation

    Interpolation Extrapolation




    Interpolation is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points. This is the best app on the market to calculate interpolated and extrapolated values. ** This is free ad supported version. If you like this app, do donate us by purchasing the PRO...

  • Equation Root Finder

    Equation Root Finder




    MOST ADVANCED & PRECISE NON LINEAR equation solver (root finding) app on android market. Must have tool for college going students having mathematics as one of the subjects. App uses root finding techniques to find root of linear as well as non linear equations. Methods provided - 1....

  • ODE Solver Lite

    ODE Solver Lite




    Solve Ordinary Differential Equations using this app. App uses three numerical techniques for solving ODE. - Euler's method - Midpoint method - Runge-Kutta method Pretty intuitive flow of app. Put the equation in front of " dy/dx = " Put x0, y0, no of intervals and the desired...

  • Log Table & Calculator

    Log Table & Calculator




    An app for mathematicians. With this app, you can see the log table on your phone! There is log calculator as well. You can calculate log and anti-log to the base 10, 2, e. This is alpha version yet. More to come... For feedback mail us at

  • Funny Sound Effects - Free

    Funny Sound Effects - Free




    Blow into the microphone, make some noise and see the different funny effects. Click on any any of the 8 buttons to activate that effect. Effects provided include the graph, sound meter, vibrator, whistle, blinking, gradual color change. The intensity of the effect increases with the change in...

  • M2 - Wifi Detector (Lite)

    M2 - Wifi Detector (Lite)




    1. A powerful WiFi scanner. 2. Useful to find all the WiFi networks in all areas. 3. Connect to the network having highest signal strength. 4. A slider to indicate signal strength. 5. Unique ID / BSSID of the unit & rates are also shown. Do not put your questions / issues in the comments...

  • Limits Formulas

    Limits Formulas




    Limit is one of the most basic concepts in Mathematics. It's crucial for any mathematician to understand the concept clearly. This app is a cheat sheet for limits. It gives you basic and advanced information about limits at one place.

  • Elasticity Notes (Physics)

    Elasticity Notes (Physics)




    If you are a student and you have Elasticity topic in Physics for your syllabus then this app is for you. App contains diagram and formulas whenever required. Major concepts like Stress, Strain, Stress Vs Strain, Hooke's law, Stress and Pressure, Poisson's Ratio are covered in the app....

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