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  • Ganpati Ganesh Live Wallpaper

    Ganpati Ganesh Live Wallpaper




    ### Bundled a devotional Ganpati Game with this wallpaper. ### ### Ganpati Game is collection of two super awesome mini games. 1. Ganpati Modak Munch - Throw modaks towards Ganpati. 2. Ganpati Jigsaw game - Jigsaw puzzle with the difficulty level ranging from 3 x 3 to 6 x 6. ### Worship Lord...

  • Balloon Bow & Arrow

    Balloon Bow & Arrow




    * Updates * Changed the 'game over' screen. Introduced 8th power - RAIN! Yes, like hit the clouds and it starts raining! Just like 'Mahabharata'. -------- # 1,900,000 + downloads # # Was ranked #1 in Top Free Games category by Google for few days. # Pull back the arrow from...

  • Kite Live Wallpaper

    Kite Live Wallpaper




    'Awesomest' KITE live wallpaper available on the market! You can control your kite. Navigate it left / right by tilting your phone. Tap once to bring the kite closer (khechi), tap again to move it farther (dhil). Double tap on screen to fix the vertical position of kite. However you...

  • Funny Sound Effects - Free

    Funny Sound Effects - Free




    Blow into the microphone, make some noise and see the different funny effects. Click on any any of the 8 buttons to activate that effect. Effects provided include the graph, sound meter, vibrator, whistle, blinking, gradual color change. The intensity of the effect increases with the change in...

  • 5.5
    EMF EVP Entity Detector Trial

    EMF EVP Entity Detector Trial




    Search for ghost and record their sounds

  • Magnet Effects

    Magnet Effects




    Utility + Fun app. Bring a magnet closer to your phone, and get amazed with the wonderful effects you'll see. The app shows 8 effects. Some are useful - utility oriented, and some are for fun. Utility effects - 1. Graph - Study the change in graph as the magnetic flux around the mobile...

  • Voice (Audio) Reminder

    Voice (Audio) Reminder




    Wouldn't it be wonderful your girlfriend's voice wakes you up? Or your mom reminds you to have lunch? Or your professor reminds you to do the homework? With this app, you can create and save audio records and have them remind you at the time you specify. So just record you girlfriend...

  • Hide My Boyfriend Lite

    Hide My Boyfriend Lite




    Ladies, we promised you that we'll develop an app for you, here it is! ** This is 15 day trial version, if you like the app, you can purchase PRO version from market ** Privacy is your prime right. Earn it right now! PRIVACY & SECURITY - These two have emerged as two of the most...

  • Matrix Calculator

    Matrix Calculator


    Best matrix calculator app on the market. You can do the following operations - -- Cholesky Decomposition -- Determinant -- Eigen (Spectral) Decomposition -- Inverse -- LU Decomposition -- Matrix Computation (add/subtract/multiply matrices) -- QR Decomposition -- Rank -- Singular Value...

  • Magic Tricks Set (Using phone)

    Magic Tricks Set (Using phone)




    JUMBO Magic Tricks Pack! Contains 7 mind boggling tricks. Unlike other magic tricks, these are the ones that you actually have to perform using your phone. Trick 1 - Bulb Magic (Twinglow) - Three switched off bulbs! Ask spectator which one he wants to switch on, and bingo that bulb just lights...

  • Balloon Pop Magic

    Balloon Pop Magic


    Perform magic with your android phone. Full on entertainment. Simple to perform magic. App showcases four balloons. Ask spectator to choose one color, then clap, and the chosen balloon pops. Even the spectator can clap and pop the balloon. You can impress your friends with this magic....

  • Essential Tools

    Essential Tools




    New Tool - Speedometer. Tools list - 1. EMF Sensor. 2. Thermometer 3. Audio recorder. 4. Ghost detector. 5. Compass. 6. Wifi detector 7. Wifi File Browser 8. Torch 9. Speedometer *** Supports transfer to SD Card feature (for froyo onwards) *** This is a bunch of highly useful tools. We...

  • Interpolation Calculator

    Interpolation Calculator




    Interpolation is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points. This is the best app on the market to calculate interpolated and extrapolated values. The app uses two methods 1. Linear Interpolation 2. Polynomial Interpolation The app can...

  • Number Mind Reader Magic

    Number Mind Reader Magic




    Awesome magic app to impress your friends. Ask your friend to take any one number between 1 to 100 in mind. Show him the app, do the big magic and you will be able to tell what number he has in mind. Instructions are given in the app. Easy and quick to perform. Performing magic in front of a...

  • Linear Equation Solver

    Linear Equation Solver


    Solve system of linear equations with this app. Enter the no. of variables, enter the no of equations you have. That's it. You'll get the solution. The app users Gauss Elimination method in the background. You can use this app to verify if the answers you have got are correct or not....

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