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  • Log Table & Calculator

    Log Table & Calculator




    An app for mathematicians. With this app, you can see the log table on your phone! There is log calculator as well. You can calculate log and anti-log to the base 10, 2, e. This is alpha version yet. More to come... For feedback mail us at

  • Funny Sound Effects - Free

    Funny Sound Effects - Free




    Blow into the microphone, make some noise and see the different funny effects. Click on any any of the 8 buttons to activate that effect. Effects provided include the graph, sound meter, vibrator, whistle, blinking, gradual color change. The intensity of the effect increases with the change in...

  • M2 - Wifi Detector (Lite)

    M2 - Wifi Detector (Lite)




    1. A powerful WiFi scanner. 2. Useful to find all the WiFi networks in all areas. 3. Connect to the network having highest signal strength. 4. A slider to indicate signal strength. 5. Unique ID / BSSID of the unit & rates are also shown. Do not put your questions / issues in the comments...

  • Limits Formulas

    Limits Formulas




    Limit is one of the most basic concepts in Mathematics. It's crucial for any mathematician to understand the concept clearly. This app is a cheat sheet for limits. It gives you basic and advanced information about limits at one place.

  • EMF Detector (Metal) Lite

    EMF Detector (Metal) Lite




    Find presence of Magnets & Metals around you. 1. Checks for magnetic field near your mobile. 2. 'Beep beep' sound provided. The sound intensifies as you go near magnetic field 3. Graphs to track/find patterns of magnetic field. 4. Entity Sensor - If you believe in Ghost/invisible...

  • Elasticity Notes (Physics)

    Elasticity Notes (Physics)




    If you are a student and you have Elasticity topic in Physics for your syllabus then this app is for you. App contains diagram and formulas whenever required. Major concepts like Stress, Strain, Stress Vs Strain, Hooke's law, Stress and Pressure, Poisson's Ratio are covered in the app....

  • 5.5
    EMF EVP Entity Detector Trial

    EMF EVP Entity Detector Trial




    Search for ghost and record their sounds

  • Maths Tricks Patterns

    Maths Tricks Patterns




    This is an informative app consisting of interesting facts, tricks and tips in mathematics. Must have for any school/college going student. It'll help you solve calculations quickly. You can learn tricks in mathematics. Impress your friends with this new knowledge about fun facts in maths....

  • Temperature Sensor - Trial

    Temperature Sensor - Trial




    Features 1. Thermostat style display. 2. Celsius & Fahrenheit scales available in thermostat. 3. Min & Max temperature of the day. 4. Temperature is calculated in 7 different standards. 5. Formulas & demonstration of all temperature standards. THE APP WILL WORK ONLY IF YOUR PHONE IS...

  • No smoking

    No smoking




    We do not preach "stop smoking". We do not say "smoking is bad". We just want you to be aware of the consequences. The app only tells you how much of your life is reduced by smoking. Research shows that one cigarette reduces human life by 11 minutes. So the app simply takes...

  • Fourier Transform Calc Lite

    Fourier Transform Calc Lite




    Calculate - Discrete Fourier Transform - Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform - Fast Fourier Transform - Inverse Fast Fourier Transform Supports complex numbers (imaginary numbers). Must have calculator for Maths & Electronics students *** We have developed few more apps for students. Using...

  • Funny Whistles

    Funny Whistles




    Select. Blow. Listen. Provided 8 funny whistles. Just blow into the mic, and hear your phone whistling..making funny noises. The sensitivity is provided for the blow. This is ad supported app.

  • Sound Meter (DB/Audio Meter)

    Sound Meter (DB/Audio Meter)




    Check the noise in your surrounding in Decibels. As the noise/sound increases, you'll see the indicator/pointer moving towards right (like speedometer). Bar and Circular indicators are provided. You can also view the graph of noise. Different devices have different calibrations depending...

  • Compass





    A simple mariner's compass showing north direction. Nothing fancy! (Now included in our "Essential Tools" app. It's a bunch of entertainment & utility tools all bundled into a single app. Have a look - )

  • Matrix Calculator (Advanced)

    Matrix Calculator (Advanced)




    Best matrix calculator app on the market. ** This is free ad supported version. If you like this app, do donate us by purchasing PRO version from market. It costs $0.99 and named as "Matrix Calculator" ** You can do the following operations - -- Cholesky Decomposition -- Determinant...

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