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Manas Gajare

  • Card Magic Perform With Phone

    Card Magic Perform With Phone




    Open the app and show playing cards on your mobile to s spectator. The cards are shuffled and you are looking at the back side of screen. Let him choose one card (you don't know which card he has chosen, yet), now perform the magic you'll be able to tell what card he had in mind. You...

  • Candle Magic Pro

    Candle Magic Pro




    Few testimonials - "Totally awesome. My friends were dazzled by the app. Thanks mate." ~ Henri "Mind blowing! It works perfectly!!" ~ Roma "I was wondering how to start conversation with the lady across table in a cafe. I dared and performed this trick. Now she is my...

  • Card Magic Trick (Adfree)

    Card Magic Trick (Adfree)




    Learn to perform Card Magic. Quick and easy tricks to learn and impress your friends. Ever wondered how David Blaine did it? Well now is your chance to learn card tricks and impress your friends and family. Become the center of attraction at a party. Surprise people with your great skills. And...

  • Magic With Phone (Bulb magic)

    Magic With Phone (Bulb magic)




    This is WORLD CLASS magic app for android. Only one of its kind! There are three switched off bulbs shown in the app. Ask the spectator which one of them he wants to lit. Perform the magic and boom - exactly that particular bulb is switched on! And the fun part is - this happens without you...

  • Mind Freak Magic

    Mind Freak Magic


    This is without doubt, the best magic app on android market! This magic is very customizable. You can make it look like totally different app and totally different magic, and use it INFINITE NUMBER OF TIMES ON THE SAME PERSON. Ask spectator to choose between square, triangle, circle, star....

  • Hide My Girlfriend - Trial

    Hide My Girlfriend - Trial




    Privacy is your right. Earn it with this app. Have a girlfriend? Welcome, you have come to the right app! ** Note this is the 15 days trial version. If you like this app, you can purchase PRO version from market ** PRIVACY & SECURITY - These two have emerged as two of the most fundamental...

  • Hide Record Boyfriend - Free

    Hide Record Boyfriend - Free




    This is a MUST HAVE app for those who have boyfriend! If you have a boyfriend, you and your mobile are constantly watched by your friends and relatives. You need a PRIVATE BOX where you can practically store all the data of your boyfriend, be it his photos or videos, files or SMS, call logs....

  • Hide Record Girlfriend - Trial

    Hide Record Girlfriend - Trial




    This is a MUST HAVE app for those who have girlfriend! **This is 15 day trial version. If you like this app, you can purchase PRO version from market *** If you have a girlfriend, you and your mobile are constantly watched by your friends and relatives. You need a PRIVATE BOX where you can...

  • Hand Paint

    Hand Paint




    Freehand painting tool for android devices. It's similar to paint brush software on Windows OS. You can have canvas of any color. And then draw any shape/object/image in any color you wish. Options provided -- Color -- Brush size (Here brush is nothing but your finger) -- Effects --...

  • What's My Speed?

    What's My Speed?




    Check your speed. Even if you are walking or driving, doesn't matter. This app tells you exactly whats your speed. Features - 1. Two standards. Km/hr & Miles/hr. 2. Digital display is also provided. 3. Great accuracy. 4. Max speed is displayed! 5. Average speed is also shown. Let us...

  • Remote Control My Phone

    Remote Control My Phone




    MOST ADVANCED App for remote controlling your phone. Access data, control data, manipulate your phone even without the physical access to your phone. All the commands are passed via SMS. ***This is free ad based version. If you like this app, you can purchase ad free version from market ***...

  • Ultimate Privacy App - Lite

    Ultimate Privacy App - Lite




    PRIVACY is again yours with Ultimate Privacy App! ***PASSWORD PROTECTED*** It protects your secret contact, private messages and call logs from the prying eyes of the world. ***HIDE CONTACTS*** Make sure your secret contacts remain hidden from the world. Safe and secure. ***HIDE SMS/ TEXT...

  • My Secret Hidden Contact - T

    My Secret Hidden Contact - T




    We all have some secret contacts, we do not wish others to know about it. This app serves the purpose. Imagine a case. Your wife is playing with your phone, and suddenly your girlfriend calls up! You are dead! We cannot keep our phone with us 24/7. And when it's not with you, and some...

  • Decoy Hide Text & Call logs-T

    Decoy Hide Text & Call logs-T




    Awesome privacy app. Hide your text messages & call logs. The app is disguised in a very classic way. It's a ghost detector app upfront. The app is completely functional & named as 'Ghost Detector'. Bring a magnet close to your mobile and you shall see the change in color of...

  • Decoy Hide Text - Lite

    Decoy Hide Text - Lite




    *** You can hide messages from a single contact in this Lite version *** The app hides text messages / sms from selected contacts. It's disguised as "FuzzyBalls". When you open the app, you would see bouncing balls. It's really cool. But wait till you see what happens when you...

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