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    EMF EVP Entity Detector Trial

    EMF EVP Entity Detector Trial




    Search for ghost and record their sounds

  • Maths Tricks Patterns

    Maths Tricks Patterns




    This is an informative app consisting of interesting facts, tricks and tips in mathematics. Must have for any school/college going student. It'll help you solve calculations quickly. You can learn tricks in mathematics. Impress your friends with this new knowledge about fun facts in maths....

  • Temperature Sensor - Trial

    Temperature Sensor - Trial




    Features 1. Thermostat style display. 2. Celsius & Fahrenheit scales available in thermostat. 3. Min & Max temperature of the day. 4. Temperature is calculated in 7 different standards. 5. Formulas & demonstration of all temperature standards. THE APP WILL WORK ONLY IF YOUR PHONE IS...

  • No smoking

    No smoking




    We do not preach "stop smoking". We do not say "smoking is bad". We just want you to be aware of the consequences. The app only tells you how much of your life is reduced by smoking. Research shows that one cigarette reduces human life by 11 minutes. So the app simply takes...

  • Fourier Transform Calc Lite

    Fourier Transform Calc Lite




    Calculate - Discrete Fourier Transform - Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform - Fast Fourier Transform - Inverse Fast Fourier Transform Supports complex numbers (imaginary numbers). Must have calculator for Maths & Electronics students *** We have developed few more apps for students. Using...

  • Compass





    A simple mariner's compass showing north direction. Nothing fancy! (Now included in our "Essential Tools" app. It's a bunch of entertainment & utility tools all bundled into a single app. Have a look - )

  • Matrix Calculator (Advanced)

    Matrix Calculator (Advanced)




    Best matrix calculator app on the market. ** This is free ad supported version. If you like this app, do donate us by purchasing PRO version from market. It costs $0.99 and named as "Matrix Calculator" ** You can do the following operations - -- Cholesky Decomposition -- Determinant...

  • Linear Equation Solver Lite

    Linear Equation Solver Lite




    Solve system of linear equations with this app. Enter the no. of variables, enter the no of equations you have. That's it. You'll get the solution. The app users Gauss Elimination method in the background. You can use this app to verify if the answers you have got are correct or not....

  • Kite App

    Kite App




    Best KITE App available on the market! (This is APP version of our legendary Kite Live Wallpaper) You can control your kite. Navigate it left / right by tilting your phone. Tap once to bring the kite closer (khechi), tap again to move it farther (dhil). Double tap on screen to fix the...

  • Numerical Calculus Free

    Numerical Calculus Free




    Best android app for numerical calculus. With this app you can calculate definite derivative and integration. For derivative, Central Differentiation method is used. You can calculate derivative for both - order O(h2) & O(h4) For integration, Simpson's 1/3rd, Simpson's 3/8th,...

  • Magnet Effects

    Magnet Effects




    Utility + Fun app. Bring a magnet closer to your phone, and get amazed with the wonderful effects you'll see. The app shows 8 effects. Some are useful - utility oriented, and some are for fun. Utility effects - 1. Graph - Study the change in graph as the magnetic flux around the mobile...

  • Trigonometry Formulas Free

    Trigonometry Formulas Free




    For all maths students irrespective of whether you are maths lovers, maths haters you have to have this app in your mobile. There are plenty of trigonometry formulas and sometimes it becomes very difficult to learn them all. Don't worry, we are here to help you out. This app gives many...

  • Voice (Audio) Reminder

    Voice (Audio) Reminder




    Wouldn't it be wonderful your girlfriend's voice wakes you up? Or your mom reminds you to have lunch? Or your professor reminds you to do the homework? With this app, you can create and save audio records and have them remind you at the time you specify. So just record you girlfriend...

  • Super Uninstaller

    Super Uninstaller




    Finally, a super-easy & super-simple UNINSTALLER. Just select all the apps that you want to uninstall, click uninstall and be done! No need to uninstall app by app that you otherwise have to do from "Settings & Manage application". The application serves one and only one...

  • Hide My Boyfriend Lite

    Hide My Boyfriend Lite




    Ladies, we promised you that we'll develop an app for you, here it is! ** This is 15 day trial version, if you like the app, you can purchase PRO version from market ** Privacy is your prime right. Earn it right now! PRIVACY & SECURITY - These two have emerged as two of the most...

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