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  • Remote Control My Phone

    Remote Control My Phone




    MOST ADVANCED App for remote controlling your phone. Access data, control data, manipulate your phone even without the physical access to your phone. All the commands are passed via SMS. ***This is free ad based version. If you like this app, you can purchase ad free version from market ***...

  • Cheese facts

    Cheese facts




    App for cheese lovers. The app tells you the information of different kinds of cheese with the photos.

  • Ultimate Privacy App - Lite

    Ultimate Privacy App - Lite




    PRIVACY is again yours with Ultimate Privacy App! ***PASSWORD PROTECTED*** It protects your secret contact, private messages and call logs from the prying eyes of the world. ***HIDE CONTACTS*** Make sure your secret contacts remain hidden from the world. Safe and secure. ***HIDE SMS/ TEXT...

  • My Secret Hidden Contact - T

    My Secret Hidden Contact - T




    We all have some secret contacts, we do not wish others to know about it. This app serves the purpose. Imagine a case. Your wife is playing with your phone, and suddenly your girlfriend calls up! You are dead! We cannot keep our phone with us 24/7. And when it's not with you, and some...

  • Decoy Hide Text & Call logs-T

    Decoy Hide Text & Call logs-T




    Awesome privacy app. Hide your text messages & call logs. The app is disguised in a very classic way. It's a ghost detector app upfront. The app is completely functional & named as 'Ghost Detector'. Bring a magnet close to your mobile and you shall see the change in color of...

  • Decoy Hide Text - Lite

    Decoy Hide Text - Lite




    *** You can hide messages from a single contact in this Lite version *** The app hides text messages / sms from selected contacts. It's disguised as "FuzzyBalls". When you open the app, you would see bouncing balls. It's really cool. But wait till you see what happens when you...

  • Distance O Meter

    Distance O Meter




    The app calculates the distance you have traveled from the starting point. You can use if while driving or walking. It tells you the TOTAL DISTANCE you have traveled. The app connects your device to satellite, fetches your position, and then as per your position changes, it adds up the...

  • Wireless Phone Explorer

    Wireless Phone Explorer




    Frustrated because of connecting your phone to computer by USB cable every now & then? OR taking out SD card from phone & inserting in computer? Not any more. Start the app, type the given link in web browser & the app will give you access to all the files on SD Card in your phone...

  • M2 - Wifi Detector

    M2 - Wifi Detector




    1. A powerful wifi detector. 2. Useful to find all the wifi networks in all areas. 3. Connect to the network having highest signal strength. 4. A slider to indicate signal strength. 5. Unique ID / BSSID of the unit & rates are also shown. Do not put your questions / issues in the comments...

  • Thermostat Temperature Sensor

    Thermostat Temperature Sensor




    Features 1. Thermostat style display. 2. Celsius & Fahrenheit scales available in thermostat. 3. Min & Max temperature of the day. 4. Temperature is calculated in 7 different standards. 5. Formulas & demonstration of all temperature standards. (If any issues, mail us. Don't leave...

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