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  • Hide Files, Photos, Videos

    Hide Files, Photos, Videos




    The app is NOT as straight forward as the name. This is a DISGUISED app, that lets you hide FILES, PICTURES, VIDEOS & AUDIO records. Why do I need this app? Everyone loves privacy. But there is always risk of others going through your important files, intimate photos or videos. This app...

  • Hide Files, Photos, Videos - L

    Hide Files, Photos, Videos - L




    The app is NOT as straight forward as the name. This is a DISGUISED app, that lets you hide FILES, PICTURES, VIDEOS & AUDIO records. *** This is LITE version and hides only 10 objects. For unlimited use, purchase PRO version from market. *** Why do I need this app? Everyone loves privacy....

  • Hand Paint

    Hand Paint




    Freehand painting tool for android devices. It's similar to paint brush software on Windows OS. You can have canvas of any color. And then draw any shape/object/image in any color you wish. Options provided -- Color -- Brush size (Here brush is nothing but your finger) -- Effects --...

  • What's My Speed?

    What's My Speed?


    Check your speed. Even if you are walking or driving, doesn't matter. This app tells you exactly whats your speed. Features - 1. Two standards. Km/hr & Miles/hr. 2. Digital display is also provided. 3. Great accuracy. 4. Max speed is displayed! 5. Average speed is also shown. Let us...

  • Call Recorder Pro

    Call Recorder Pro




    One of the best call recorder apps on the market. Packed with many advanced features like - Black List White List Record calls of unknown contacts Put call DESCRIPTION Customized audio player SORT ODER by contact, size. Optional notification while recording ----- Note - There is not a...

  • My Sex Life - Free

    My Sex Life - Free




    Ever wanted to keep a track of your sex partners? Want to think about your sexual romps and feel proud of yourself? "My Sex Life" is precisely for you. Features - 1. Multiple partners allowed. 2. Calender view. 3. Rating. (This is awesome feature) 4. Review / Comment. 5. Reports. You...

  • Do Not Disturb - Lite

    Do Not Disturb - Lite




    Perfect app for the moments when you do not want to be disturbed by anyone. Let it be DRIVING, MEETING or some INTIMATE moments, the app is a must-have! *** This is free ad based version. If you like this app, you can purchase ad-free version from market *** Two ways to activate - 1. Widget...

  • EMF Detector | Metal Scanner

    EMF Detector | Metal Scanner




    Find presence of Magnets & metals around you. 1. Checks for magnetic field near your mobile. 2. 'Beep beep' sound provided. The sound intensifies as you go near magnetic field 3. Graphs to track/find patterns of magnetic field. 4. Entity Sensor - If you believe in Ghost/invisible...

  • Automaton (Pro)

    Automaton (Pro)


    Make your phone intelligent. Convert your phone into automaton. A real robot. Your phone will automatically be switched to silent mode when you enter your class, or it'll automatically start bluetooth when you are home. Brightness will be automatically set to zero if battery level is gone...

  • Shoot Them Up

    Shoot Them Up




    *** Existing Users *** Plz do

  • Remote Control My Phone

    Remote Control My Phone




    MOST ADVANCED App for remote controlling your phone. Access data, control data, manipulate your phone even without the physical access to your phone. All the commands are passed via SMS. ***This is free ad based version. If you like this app, you can purchase ad free version from market ***...

  • Magnet Effects Pro

    Magnet Effects Pro


    Utility + Fun app. Bring a magnet closer to your phone, and get amazed with the wonderful effects you'll see. The app shows 8 effects. Some are useful - utility oriented, and some are for fun. Utility effects - 1. Graph - Study the change in graph as the magnetic flux around the mobile...

  • 5.5
    EMF EVP Entity Detector

    EMF EVP Entity Detector




    Search for ghost and record their sounds

  • Color Blindness Test!

    Color Blindness Test!




    This is a simple test to test if you are colorblind. The app shows you a few pictures, with numbers inside it. You have to tell the app which number you think it is. You can then check if you are correct or not. If yes, great. Else you better consult your physician! NOTE - This test is not...

  • Cheese facts

    Cheese facts




    App for cheese lovers. The app tells you the information of different kinds of cheese with the photos.

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