• Truth or Dare Pro




    Welcome to the premium version of the original Truth or Dare game on Android! With over a thousand truths and dares - ranging from clean, dirty, to super dirty - and the ability to create your own dares, you can play for hours and hours with your friends or significant other and never get bored!...

  • Truth or Dare - Easy Teen Game




    Truth or Dare is a classic, casual, fun game which involves either answering a question or doing a dare - something fun, silly, or wild (tell a funny joke or riddle, or write something funny on facebook). With this simple game, watch how quickly you start to have so much fun! You can play Truth...

  • Find My Phone Security




    Find your lost, stolen, or misplaced phone for free! Find My Phone is an important security app you want to have on your phone, as it provides a means of recovering a lost or stolen device. Note that is not an anti-virus app; we focus on one task - device recovery/finding your phone - and do it...

  • Find My Phone - Anti-loss Pro




    Find My Phone Anti theft PRO is here! Find your lost, stolen, or misplaced mobile phone or tablet with the original anti-theft, device recovery app for Android. Track or ring your valuable lost or stolen mobile Android device using this GPS Tracker. Pay the price of the app for a lifetime...

  • Spin The Bottle HD




    Spin the Bottle to get the party going! This classic party game is perfect for taking turns and playing kissing games, other party games like Truth or Dare, Have you ever, Never have i ever, and so many other games! Features 1) Stunning HD graphics 2) Choose from a top selection of bottles 3)...

  • Tough Guy Facts




    Chuck Norris kicks a$$. Now YOU can be just as badd. "Once, a cobra bit [INSERT NAME]'s leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died." Pick a name, any name; be it a celebrity, a friend, or yourself, and enjoy the compliments! FEATURES * Hundreds of Chuck...

  • Spelling Test Champion




    Make your child a spelling champion! With this app, kids can practice for their next spelling quiz, vocabulary test, and even prepare for the school Spelling Bee - on the go on their Android device! Preparing for school to start? Add this free app to your Back To School shopping list now. Great...

  • Unexpire




    Simple and effective gift card organizer - never let another gift card go unused again! * Organize your gift cards * See how much balance is on each * See which ones are expiring soon * Get a reminder notification if a card is about to expire Unexpire takes all the guess work out by letting...

  • War Quotes




    War - it is as old as civilization and still rages on today around the world. Many great leaders, philosophers, and even villains have reflected on it, providing us with a unique insight into this thing we call War. Read great quotes from people like Gandhi, Einstein, Churchill, Hitler, and...

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