Maor Z

  • Nexus 5 Stock Alert

    Nexus 5 Stock Alert




    Added Nexus 5 Alerts! Good luck, I've got mine :) Get an immediate notification when the Google Nexus 4 will be back in stock! Please be aware that when phone is in sleep-mode the app might not check on some devices. New in version 4.0 - choose a Nexus 4/7/10 device, or even the Nexus 4...

  • Power-Button Flash Light

    Power-Button Flash Light




    Triple-click the device's power button to toggle the flashlight! Even when your phone is locked or in your pocket, you can quickly get this fast and handy flash light to work. 1. Take the locked phone out of your pocket 2. Double click the device's power button 3. You've got the LED...

  • Gym Workout Timer

    Gym Workout Timer




    Simple, MINIMAL TOUCH interval / gym / workout timer. The timer will estimate your next interval so you won't have to push any button every time you start or finish training. Easily manual modification of the work/rest times on the fly. Automatic sets counter at the button. Just push the...

  • Cowboys





    Bluetooth gun fight for 2 players. The fastest one to draw the revolver and shoot his opponents wins. Back in the old violent wild west, cowboys called each other for a face off in the city square. It started with the famous countdown, followed by a scene in which the faster one to move for his...

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