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File Manager

File Manager helps you manage all your files efficiently! With an intuitive interface, File Manager allows you to handle any file or folder whether they are stored in your device, microSD card, or cloud storage accounts. With File Manager you can easily copy, move, rename, delete, find, share, explore, compress, and otherwise organize all of your f…

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Download PDF Viewer & Book Reader PDF Viewer & Book Reader icon
PDF Viewer & Book Reader

Key Features: - Manage your PDFs, eBooks, and business documents stored directly on your device to quickly read books and documents saved locally - Quick search functionality to easily find your favorite reads, office / word documents and other important files - Requires minimal memory for download - Easily swipe or tap for screen toggling - Anim…

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Download JoeVLC Video Player JoeVLC Video Player icon
JoeVLC Video Player

This is a build of the full VLC for Android by VideoLan! This app will play files on your device locally. Features (from VLC): +Plays all files, in all formats, like the classic VLC. +Audio and video media library, with full search. +Support for network streams, including HLS. My Webste:

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Download JoeApollo Music Player JoeApollo Music Player icon
JoeApollo Music Player

This is an awesome music player! I've only seen it on the CyanogenMod distro and I want to make it available on everyones phones because I don't like how Google Music tries to push cloud music over local music! Here is the source: Support me here:

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Cell Radio ShutOff

There are 4 radios in a typical device: cell, bluetooth, wifi, nfc. This app allows you to just shut off the cell radio while leaving everything else on. Airplane mode shuts off all radios and there is no built in method to disable just the cell radio. Why to disable it? 1. When your cell radio can't access a tower it will drain your batter…

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Download BlindTool BlindTool icon

Advances in computer vision research have made it possible for a phone to see! This app tells you what it is looking at and vibrates based on how confident it is. When using this app you will wave the phone around you until you feel it vibrating more and more which means you are getting closer to an object it understands. The convolutional neural…

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Download Umass Boston Wifi Autologin Umass Boston Wifi Autologin icon
Umass Boston Wifi Autologin

This app was made by a student and was not made by UMass Boston. If you want to give me money do it here: This will log into the captive portal for you when your wifi connects to the UMB network. This app works by simulating a user logging into the captive portal. It uses the username and password from the settings p…

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Download PDF Viewer X PDF Viewer X icon
PDF Viewer X

==This is the paid version of the free app, there are no extra features== Want to read PDF files? That's what it does! Want to browse and search PDFs you have? We got it covered! Downloading large PDFs from the internet? Read them without downloading the entire thing! This app is free and open source.…

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Download Free PDF Viewer Free PDF Viewer icon
Free PDF Viewer

This is an awesome PDF viewer. Want to read PDFs? That's what it does! Want to browse and search PDFs you have? We got it covered! Downloading large PDFs from the internet? Read them without downloading the entire thing! This is a fork of ebookdroid with a bunch of stuff removed. I also feel that the name PDF Viewer will help it to be used…

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Download Put A Hat On It (Beta) Put A Hat On It (Beta) icon
Put A Hat On It (Beta)

This app will put a hat on people seen by the camera. You are able to view, in real time, a alternative reality where everyone is wearing a hat.

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