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Diners Drive ins Dives Finder

This application is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Food Network MapMuse's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives Finder maps the locations of all the restaurants Guy Fieri visits on his hit Food Network television show. In addition, the app provides each restaurant’s contact info, episode details, Yelp reviews, website link, and other helpf…

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Download Tippmann Paintball Locator Tippmann Paintball Locator icon
Tippmann Paintball Locator

Tippmann Paintball Locator: The #1 Guide to Finding Tippmann Retailers and Paintball Fields around the World Are there dozens of ring-shaped welts spotting your torso? Do you ever find yourself picking paint flecks out of your hair at inappropriate times? Are phrases like "bump up" and "head check” part of your everyday vocabulary?…

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Download Christmas Light Displays Christmas Light Displays icon
Christmas Light Displays

Get in the holiday spirit! Do you love to see sparkling Christmas lights during the holiday season? Do your kids get a kick out of inflatable Santas and glowing displays full of colorful lights? Whether you are at home or visiting relatives, MapMuse’s Christmas Light Display App allows you to find the biggest and brightest Christmas light displays,…

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Download Thrift Shop Locator Thrift Shop Locator icon
Thrift Shop Locator

Thrift Shop Locator: Your Guide to Finding Thrift Shops, Consignment Shops, and Flea Markets Across the USA There’s something about a thrift shop that quickens the heart. Maybe it’s the tantalizing possibility of finding a like-new sweater that costs cents on the dollar of what you’d pay in a department store. Maybe it’s the comfortable musk of ge…

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Download Lighthouse Locator Lighthouse Locator icon
Lighthouse Locator

Do you love visiting lighthouses? Now you can use your Android device to find lighthouses to visit in the United States or across the globe, all on one easy-to-use interactive map. Find places to take a tour, take photos, or just learn more about each lighthouse with our built in photos, satellite maps, full wikipedia entries, visitor reviews, and…

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Download World Nude Beach Guide World Nude Beach Guide icon
World Nude Beach Guide

World Nude Beach Guide: Your Definitive Guide to Naturist Beaches around the World Regardless of what you call yourself – nudist, naturist, naturalist, or FKK member – you’ll definitely agree with the following statement: life is better lived sans clothes. Thankfully, there are nearly a thousand beaches, hot springs, and watering holes around the…

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Covered Bridges

Are words like “truss” and “lattice” part of your everyday vocabulary? Did you watch Bridges Over Madison County just for the architecture? If so, the Covered Brigdes Locator may be the perfect addition to your app library. As your one-stop guide to covered bridges across the US, this handy little app provides the location, aerial view, and archite…

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Alternative Fuel Finder

Alternative Fuel Finder: Your Guide to Refueling or Recharging Your Eco-Friendly Vehicle Wherever You Are, When You Need To The plus side of driving an eco-friendly vehicle: you're decreasing your carbon footprint and your fuel costs. The downside: finding refueling stations can be a real pain in the you-know-what. But not anymore. With the A…

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Gay Bar and Gay Club Locator

Calling all LGBT party people! Are you sick of hitting up the same whack clubs weekend after weekend? Planning a getaway but don’t know anything about the local hangouts? Spice up your nights by downloading the Gay Bar and Gay Club Locator, an interactive map of hotspots where unleashing your inner queen isn’t just allowed—it’s required! With this…

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Download State Parks Locator State Parks Locator icon
State Parks Locator

Fill your canteen, lace up your Timberlands, and grab a can of bear mace because the State Parks Locator is taking you camping. Whether you’re a hiker, biker, hunter, climber, spelunker, or just another city slicker looking to tough it in the great outdoors, this app will show you the way to every State Park from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stre…

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