• Batting Cages Locator

    Batting Cages Locator


    Fast pitch, slow pitch, baseball, softball...whatever your preference you can find batting cages to improve your batting skills on one easy-to-use interactive map. Simply enter a location or choose your current location to see batting cages in the area. Up to 500 places can be displayed on the...

  • Catholic Resource Locator

    Catholic Resource Locator


    MapMuse’s Catholic Resource Locator App is a great way to combine the convenience of technology with religious devotion. Whether you are looking for a new church in your area or a place to worship while on vacation, searching for a Catholic school for your children or a Catholic university or...

  • Couture Companion

    Couture Companion


    We’ve all been there before: so and so’s glamorous, year-defining party is coming up next weekend, and our whole existence depends on finding the absolutely perfect dress for the occasion, but every damn thing we try on is either sooo last-season, or super kitschy, or makes us muffin top like...

  • Haunted Houses & Ghost Tours

    Haunted Houses & Ghost Tours


    Like visiting haunted house attractions? Feel most at home on Halloween? What about ghost tours and real haunted houses? If you’re looking for thrills and chills, whether carefully controlled or verified by paranormal investigators, this app can help you find a spooky location near any area! This...

  • Breakfast Served All Day

    Breakfast Served All Day


    Are you a breakfast lover? Do you often want breakfast food for lunch or dinner? Now you can find your favorite chain restaurant that serves breakfast all day one easy-to-use interactive map. Simply enter a location or choose your current location to see restaurants that serve breakfast all day...

  • Parks and Rec Locator

    Parks and Rec Locator


    Parks and Rec Locator: The Premier Guide to Exploring National Parks and Recreation Areas Across the USA Fill your canteen, lace up your Timberlands, and grab a can of bear mace because the Parks and Rec Locator is taking you camping. Whether you’re a hiker, hunter, climber, spelunker, or just...

  • Covered Bridges

    Covered Bridges




    Are words like “truss” and “lattice” part of your everyday vocabulary? Did you watch Bridges Over Madison County just for the architecture? If so, the Covered Brigdes Locator may be the perfect addition to your app library. As your one-stop guide to covered bridges across the US, this handy...

  • Cupcake Wars Finder by MapMuse

    Cupcake Wars Finder by MapMuse


    This application is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Food Network Cupcake Wars Companion: Your Guide to Eating at Cupcakeries Featured on the Hit Food Network Show America is no stranger to unexpected pop pandemics; everybody and their mama has been on the receiving end of a...

  • Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings

    Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings




    Are you a Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiast or a fan of modern architecture? When travelling, would you be interested in quickly finding local houses and buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? Whether you are a casual traveler or have a deeper interest in Frank Lloyd Wright, MapMuse's Frank...

  • Brew Finder

    Brew Finder


    Are you a beer enthusiast? Are you always in search of the best microbrew, the restaurant with the biggest beer selection, or the closest brewery? Are you interested in home brewing? If you love beer and everything that goes with it, whether you’re a serious beer connoisseur or a casual...

  • Thrift Shop Locator

    Thrift Shop Locator




    Thrift Shop Locator: Your Guide to Finding Thrift Shops, Consignment Shops, and Flea Markets Across the USA There’s something about a thrift shop that quickens the heart. Maybe it’s the tantalizing possibility of finding a like-new sweater that costs cents on the dollar of what you’d pay in a...

  • Restaurants for Men

    Restaurants for Men


    Restaurants for Men: The Premiere Guide to Dining at Hooters, Tilted Kilt, and other Man-Friendly Eateries Calling all men (and anyone else who appreciates the female form)! Your prayers have been answered. There are literally thousands of gorgeous women across America who, at this very moment,...

  • Lighthouse Locator

    Lighthouse Locator


    Do you love visiting lighthouses? Now you can use your Android device to find lighthouses to visit in the United States or across the globe, all on one easy-to-use interactive map. Find places to take a tour, take photos, or just learn more about each lighthouse with our built in photos,...

  • Celebrity Chef Restaurants

    Celebrity Chef Restaurants


    Find restaurants owned or operated by your favorite celebrity chef. This app includes locations and information about restaurants owned or operated by celebrity chefs including: Mario Batali, Paula Deen. Wolfgang Puc, Emeril Lagasse, Daniel Boulud, Todd Engish, Jamie Kennedy, Lidia Bastianich,...

  • Classic American Diners

    Classic American Diners




    Classic American Diner Locator: Your Guide to Finding Diners Throughout the USA There are few things more American than diners. One could argue that they’re right up there with bald eagles, cowboy hats, and competitive hot dog eating contests. Don’t believe me? Close your eyes and picture a...

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