Marcell Elek

  • Logo Quiz - Cartoon




    Logo Quiz - Cartoon also known as Cartoon Quiz: Everybody watches, or watched cartoons as a child, test yourself how much you remember from the old days. Cartoon quiz is similar to logo quiz games, but it is with character names. Instead of a logo you have to guess the name of the character...

  • Sudoku




    Everybody knows Sudoku, fill the grid and have fun. Fill every row, column and region with different numbers from 1 to 9 without any conflict. Too easy for you, make it harder with 5 different difficulty levels. Each sudoku is generated so there is no possibility to have two same to solve. * 5...

  • Chain Reaction




    In Chain Reaction you have to touch the screen to place the first circle. After a circle bumps into this circle it's starting a chain reaction and creating more and more points. Get more points by connecting more circles than the goal. If you connect twice as much circles than the goal, you...

  • Bubble Breaker




    A well known and addictive game with many features. The objective is to pop similar colored bubbles which are grouped together. You will be able to pop two or more bubbles grouped adjacent to each other either horizontally or vertically but no diagonal moves will be allowed and also none of the...

  • Logo Quiz - Famous People




    What is Logo Quiz - Famous People? A logo quiz game where you have to guess the name of famous people. Famous people such as celebrities, actors, actresses, sportsmen, mathematicians, and so on. They are on the news, on television, they surround us every day. How many of them do you recognise?...

  • Bubble Breaker HD




    The old game's new version has come: Bubble Breaker HD In this game the main point is to pop same bubbles grouped together. You can only remove bubbles if there are more than two bubbles next to each other from the same color. This game is screen independent, use it on your mobile, or your...

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